I Was Making Him Into A Panty-Obsessed Boy


It was no ordinary day! Today I was going to have a boy come over from my neighborhood. He was a teen and I couldn’t help myself that he wanted to be bad with me. See I was being a bad coed girl. I have been teasing this teen boy for days. I was making him into a panty-obsessed boy.

For days now, I had been sending my dirty panties to him in the mail in an envelope. That way his Mom would not see. I would even send him a note in it that said I wanted him to sniff my panties while he jerked them. I knew it would get extremely naughty. Today I knew he would be all alone. He had been such a good boy for me so far! Honestly, I wanted to see how good he had been for me.

I wanted this boy to be my panty-obsessed boy. Just having on a sundress and some thong panties. I knew that would drive him crazy when I came over to his house. Next, I then ran over to his house. As soon as he answered the door his face began to turn red. I told him that I was here to collect those cum covered panties you used.

Why Stop Now?


His face turned red as hell and then he walked me to his room where there were my panties laying out on the bed. I was catching him starting to jerk it to my panties right now. That made me so happy!  Why stop now? I wanted to make this virgin panty-obsessed boy blow for me. Quickly, I then started to take control of this teen and make him fall hard for me! After that, I told him to grab the ones that he had the most cum on.

Easily he grabbed the white silk thong. I then made him put them to his nose. Next, I then made him take a couple of deep breaths. This virgin was breathing in my sweet teen fumes. He was getting into it too! Next, he then pulled down his pants. I told him those boxers too baby! I wanted to see this virgin start to jerk with my panties.

This panty-obsessed boy would be addicted to this teen body. He would jerk it hard to my panties! I love making him obsessed with me. It was time to show him how bad Maddie is! Why not let this virgin have the most erotic night of his life? As soon as those boxers came off, I could see how hard he was for me. After that, I then asked him how he jerked his cock. I then came up right next to him. Honestly, I wanted to show him how to stroke his cock. He wasn’t that good at jerking it. Let Maddie show you I told him.

This Panty-Obsessed Boy Would Get Naughty For Me


I then wrapped my sweet smooth teen hands around his cock. I then slowly started to stroke his cock. Gently moving my hand up and down showing that teen cock so much affection it was driving this virgin crazy! I was about to own his cum and his cock and he just didn’t know yet! He would be my new fuck toy! This panty-obsessed boy would be mine all night!

If this boy did a good job jerking I would let him sniff the ones on me and then maybe even let him eat my teen pussy. This was such a wicked teen JOI.  I owned him now and he was all mine to do whatever I wanted to do with him. With a Goddess body like mine why not own guys? This panty-obsessed boy would get naughty for me.

As soon as I felt his cock fully hard I decided that it was time for me to sink my claws into him. I then grabbed his head gently and moved it right to my panties. I then made him breathe in my real teen juices. He saw how wet he was making me. After that, I then told him to take a few breaths in and become more of my panty-obsessed boy! Honestly, I could feel his warm breaths out as he sniffed in me.

I Was Going To Let This Panty-Obsessed Boy Eat My Pussy


This was going to get more extreme. I was going to let this panty-obsessed boy eat my pussy. He was doing such a good job jerking it why not? After that,  I then told him he was allowed to taste me. Without hesitation, this dirty boy got right in between my legs stuck his tongue out, and licked me. I told him to lick my teen clit too. He was doing so well and now was all mine! I controlled this teen boy now! Soon he would get to be inside of me I was already wet!

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