Your taboo panty fetish = my pleasure, too.

One of my extra special callers has (among MANY other things) a cotton panty fetish. Tonight I’m wearing a pink pair for him I’ll be sending in the mail tomorrow. Do you love sniffing panties, too?

Even love sniffing panties (or in my case, boxers). I prefer closing my eyes with a freshly tossed in the dirty laundry pair of briefs covering my nose and mouth to watching porn while masturbating any day.

Maybe you didn’t know your favorite sex hotline operator sold panties, too. Surprise! Wearing panties I know are soon to be nasally (and otherwise) enjoyed by a pervert near and dear to my heart makes them feel extra sexy. It makes me feel extra sexy, too.

One of the hottest times my girlfriend and I had sex started when she saw I was wearing panties for a client. It turned her on. She couldn’t keep her hands off me, and soon her whole fist was inside me while I had those sexy panties on.

If I don’t have sex while wearing panties I’m about to slip into a discreet manila envelope, I always masturbate a few times. My vibrator and I are never far apart, but if I know you’re going to be enjoying my lingering scent soon . . . you can bet I’ll be leaving some extra “traces” of my scent in there for you. 😉

What type of “pre-used” unmentionables get you the hottest? I love wearing all types of panties. Silky, mesh, lace, and of course crotchless. Thongs, bikini style, boyshorts . . . I look (and feel) sexy in everything! This week, mention “panties” to me when you set up a 30 minute call and I’ll send you a complimentary pair.

Cum get your panty fetish phone sex fix. I’m right here, waiting for your call!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke