The first step with a panty fetish is to accrue a delicious assortment of panties. Myself, I have two or three styles in each color, with matching bras. I want to train my own sluts for my pleasure.

I love an assortment of all things, as I do the sexy choices I have in silk, cotton, nylon, lacy or see through? I’m a panty fetish lover’s dream. Whether, panty brief, Grandma panties, thongs, bikini- so many styles to choose from. You’ll find an assortment of catalogs in my library for lingerie shops, as well as an entire dresser filled with my private under clothing. I can’t seem to satisfy my longing for the sultry, beautiful, sexy undergarments.

One of the hobbies that I enjoy is entertaining a gentleman who wants to dress as a woman and has a panty fetish himself.

I have two rooms full of wardrobe, and an extra room for jewelry and accessories, scarves, purses, shoes, wraps. I always want to look fabulous and stylish and I want my panty fetish boys to take as much pride in their feminine attire as I do. I’ve such a passion for sexy, sultry, sinful clothing embracing, stroking and squeezing my body.  There’s something about dressing a man in a lace garter corset set, sheer stockings, and leaving him feeling sexy, exposed, vulnerable. Even better, to take him out dressed as a man with his hidden secret beneath his suit.

Eventually, my boys with their panty fetish will become as much of as a woman as I allow.

Imagine my shaving all that manly hair from every inch of your body, leaving your skin soft and worth caressing. I have you step into a pair of bright pink bikini panties. Then I fasten a matching bra around your chest, hugging you, enveloping your manly breasts. I have you slowly step into thigh-high, lace topped stockings. Look at yourself in the mirror, spin around, free at last to express that pent-up femininity! Such freedom. Your boner, of course, is tightly snug in those panties with no escape from the waistband.

I’ll take your panty fetish lust even further.

You’ll eventually learn how to behave and look like a woman. That’s when we have some of my male friends over and you make your debut. See, you may have a panty fetish, but they have a fetish for a woman with a cock. You’ll be such a popular lady!

To talk more about what you can do as a panty slut check out my sex hotline.  Maybe we can speak and go a little further?

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