Panty fetish pervert strikes again. Don’t be a victim.

Last year I was in the laundry mat when the news came on and talked about him. Never heard such a story like this before I listened in. Apparently, there is a gentleman wandering around stealing panties from women. His latest victim of his panty fetish thieving ring was a lady who was in a restaurant bathroom. As she was sitting on the toilet with her panties at her ankles he reached under the Stahl and grabs them. In her frightened state of panic, she began to kick the hand away. This is how he manages to grab them off from around her feet.


There are a million things running through my head at this moment. What was she thinking? What is he going to do with them? How in the hell is she going to explain to her husband that she went into the bathroom with panties on but came out with none? I would love to be the fly on the wall during that conversation. There have been 17 pairs of panties reported stolen and they still haven’t caught him. Fast forward to earlier this afternoon. Back at the same laundry mat that I first heard about the panty fetish pervert.

I put in a load of laundry. Being it was a Sunday the place was jam-packed busy I had to leave the other load on top of the washing machine in my laundry basket. Stepping out to grab some food I arrived back to find that all of my panties were stolen from the basket.

He stole my dirty panties.

I had the moment of you never think it could happen to you but it did. Right now I am at home in bed playing with my very wet pussy. Thinking about what he is doing right now. The panty fetish pervert could be wearing my panties right now. Or even using them to rub his hard cock with. until he cums all in them. The best thought I have is of the panty fetish pervert sniffing them and licking them. That is what makes my pussy the wettest.

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