When Little Brother has a Panty Fetish, things get Naughty

One of my favorite callers has a panty fetish.  He wrote this great blog for me imagining he was my little brother sneaking in to steal my panties. I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

I sneak into your bedroom to sniff your panties. While my face is buried in your panties you walk in! You tell me I should sniff this as you lift your skirt up and walk to the edge of your bed.

You sit down, skirt hiked up, legs spread and tell your little brother to sniff the pates you have on. I sniff and kiss the panties and feel the heat coming off your pussy as they get wet with your juices.

You tell me to pull my cock out and stroke it with the panties you caught me sniffing, but you don’t want me to stop licking your wet, yummy pussy. I’ve already made you cum twice. I kiss up your body to your yummy tits and suckle on one and you feel something hard slide inside your wet pussy and I start to go in and out of you.

You then realize that I am slowly fucking you and I start to go faster and faster. Wrapping your legs around me and tell me to fill that delicious pussy up with my cum. You coat my cock with your sweet cum and then you feel me explode in your pussy.

I got to keep her panties!

You hold me tight and tell me to keep pumping even though you know I already came. I keep pumping until I start to get soft and as I finally pull out. Sitting up, you grab my balls, pulling me back toward you.  You take my limp dick in your mouth and suck it clean, milking the last few drops of cum.

You tell me to come back later for more of your hot panties and pussy. I can keep the pair I was using until I come back next time. I’m allowed to exchange them for a fresh pair when I make your pussy cum all over my face and cock again.


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