My Dirty Uncle Has a Panty Fetish!

I found out my dirty uncle has a panty fetish in the worst possible way-he was raiding my panty drawer!

Last week I had a small family party for the holidays. I had my uncle, parents, and siblings over for dinner.  When I was busy finishing up dinner, everyone was finding something to occupy themselves.

Once I was done the cooking, I went to my room so I could change.  When I walked in, my uncle had his hand on his cock and my panties on his face!

“Uncle Jim!” I screamed.

He froze, his hard cock in his hand and my panties over his head, the crotch on his face. Oh my gosh, he was wearing my panties like a mask! Slowly, he looked my way, his eyes wide. My eyes moved down to his cock, which was still in his hand.  It was HUGE!

My pussy got wet just looking at it my uncle’s big cock.  I think he could tell I was getting turned on because he started stroking his cock again.  As he stroked, I walked toward him and got on my knees.

I took his cock into my mouth and started to suck his cock.  My pussy was dripping wet while I gave my uncle a blow job.

I stood up and pulled him over to my bed.

You’re going to smell my pussy…

“You like the smell of my pussy so much, then I’m going to let you smell it first hand,” I said. I climbed up on the bed and slid my wet pussy down on his face.

My uncle’s tongue found my clit quickly and he made me cum almost immediately.  He stroked his cock as he ate my pussy and the next time I came, he came, too. His face was covered in my pussy juices.

“Oh no! Dinner!” I jumped off the bed changed and joined the rest of my family.  My uncle sat down to dinner a few minutes later and his pockets were bulging with his new panties.

Family sex stories are just the best, aren’t they?

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