Panty Fetish Lovers Are Easily Manipulated

My brother has a panty fetish and I love to cream in them for him! When I was still very young I caught my older brother sniffing my little pony panties. I thought how very odd it was, but he made me promise not to tell mommy and daddy. He gave me lots of candy and let me play with his toys.
When I got a little older and learned how to play with myself in just a certain way that I got lots of cream out I would do it inside my panties and take them to my brother Tommy. He took a long whiff and started shaking, his eyes rolled back, and I thought he was having a seizure but then he rubbed his bulging crotch through his jeans and they became all wet. He told me to do that in all my panties from now on.

I started making him do everything I asked, he was basically my slave.

I knew I had a lot of power if I could control him like this. But how do I get other men to want to sniff my panties?

I thought I would try it out on the weird janitor at school just to see how far I could push a grown man. So, I creamed up several pairs of panties really nice and I lingered a little too long after gym class until I saw him pushing his cart in. I pulled out a pair of my panties still wet almost and left them dangling haphazardly from my bag and walked past him. Just before I passed I knocked them to the floor and kept walking. When I got to the door I saw him reach down to pick them up, I slipped out the door and hid as I watched to see what he would do.
He looked back at the door I exited and went like he was going to bring them to me, but he looked around and saw no one was watching. He sniffed them! I knew it I smiled excitedly!

I threw the door open and screamed, “OH MY GOD you pervert you just sniffed my panties!” He started trying to refuse that he did it, but I was insistent and told him I was telling. He begged me to stop and tried handing the panties back to me! I snatched them out of his hand and went to turn. He begged again for me to please don’t he needed this job. I slowly turned and said very sadistically, what will you do for me if I don’t? What do you want, he asked?

I am not sure, but I will think of something and when I ask you won’t turn me down or I will go straight to the Principal and my parents. Then I left the gym very pleased with myself.

I can do this to any man and I planned on doing just that.

I became such a nasty bitch of a cock tease that today I am doing a job every day that has men begging for my creamy panties and willing to pay me for it! Do you want to sniff the essence of a bratty bitch in my freshly creamed panties? Then you have a panty fetish.

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