It was no surprise for me to catch you with your panty fetish. Even as I stood in my own bedroom doorway with a shocked look on my face it was still no surprise. After all, you have always been a little bit of a panty bitch. As I step into the room and lock the door behind me you know that you are in trouble now. I can see your Adam’s apple bulge in your throat as you swallow down your own spit. Although, I am not going to tell on your for worshiping your perfect sister’s dirty panties I am going to hold it against you.

Panty Fetish Has My Brother Caught Red Handed By His Bratty Sister!

Come kneel on the floor right in front of my feet while I think about the things I am going to do to you. I could allow you to worship my feet and my cunt. After all that is what you are just craving isn’t it? You want these pretty white cotton panties that hug against my tight teen cunt. I am sure you think I will give it to you because you are my brother. However, you have not earned the right to be close to my pretty little putty yet.

Kiss up my pretty legs till you reach my panty covered slit.

Kiss across it and beg me to allow your lips upon it. How lucky you are that my pretty little panties are the only thing standing between you and my cunt. However, after you pull my panties down I order you to put them on. That is right, I have always wanted a sister. I am sure you thought you were going to be allowed to pleasure me but that is not the case. You, panty boy, are not worthy of my perfect little pussy. However, I am sure I could put your loser ass to work!

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