When a Panty Fetish Boy Gets Caught, He Better Be Careful What He Wishes For

Oh, my dear sweet but devious panty fetish boy, you thought that you would have plenty of time to rummage through my dirty hamper, didn’t you? Thought that you would be able to take your time and fondle and sniff and indulge in all those naughty panty boy urges, didn’t you?

You see, I knew you would jump at the chance to explore both my panty drawer and my dirty hamper. After all, a mommy always knows her boy – even when he’s a panty boy. Especially when he’s a panty boy, hehe. Did you honestly think I wouldn’t find your stash of my dirty panties? Think I wouldn’t wonder why my panties have been slowly but surely disappearing. You should know by now you can’t hide anything from your mommy! I figured it was time to confront my little panty fetish boy red (or panty) handed.

So no, you definitely didn’t expect me home so soon. You were so engrossed in your panty play. You never thought that I would backtrack and sneak back home, did you? And you didn’t even hear me, did you? Obviously not. That surprised look on your face can attest to that. Yup, something similar to a deer caught in the headlights… if he was caught rummaging through a hamper full of dirty panties, lol. I have to admit, the picture of you hovering over my hamper, my dirty panties in hand, and your pants around your ankles was simply priceless.

There was no hiding what my little panty fetish boy was up to

I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw how red your face was as you tried to cover up your obvious boner.  Like I’ve stated earlier, I’ve known for quite some time that you’ve been playing with my panties – a woman, a mommy, always knows these things *wink*.

At first, you just stood there, dumb-struck as I just giggled at the sight of you. I just smiled at you as you started to stutter, trying to spew some sort of weak excuse as to what you were so obviously doing. I just slowly shook my head back and forth, letting him know that any excuses were going to fall on deaf ears.

That’s when I silently went to you, grabbed your wrist, and lead you back into my bedroom, pulling my little hamper skunk to the center of the room.  Once there, I just circled you, taking in the vision of you, pants around your ankles, my dirty panties still clutched in your hands. Your cock was still so very hard, bobby in front of you like a little general standing at attention.

I can see your anticipation in your eyes. And that throbbing hard cock of yours is a clear reflection of that anticipation. And it occurs to me, have you secretly been wishing to be caught by mommy? Wondering what would happen? Oh, my little panty fetish boy, you should be careful of what you wish for.

So now that I’ve caught you in my panty drawer, whatever shall I do with you, my little panty thief?

Shall I turn you into a prissy sissy?  My little cuckold? How about my closet cross-dressing slut? Or maybe a perfect panty whore?  Hmmm… yes, I think we’ll start there. I think today I’m in the mood to put you right into those pretty little panties of mine.

First, I’m going to rub them all over your face so you can be enveloped in my intoxicating scent. Then I think I’ll shove them in your mouth so you can taste me, feeling me become part of you. And what, praytell, comes next?

I’ll turn you into my dirty, naughty, panty fetish boy by making you wear those panties of course!  Rest assured, refusal is NOT an option, and so if you give me any resistance or backtalk I’ll put you over my knee and spank that bottom straight away.

Once you have resigned yourself that you WILL be my good little panty boy, my plaything as it were, well…let’s just say there will be no limits to the delicious things we will do *wink*.

I know you can’t stop thinking about your panty fetish. Why fight it? Call my phone sex line and let’s share some delicious Mommy phone sex.


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