Panty Fetish: I Caught My Brother With My Panties – Part 2

When I left off writing about my brother’s Panty Fetish, I was watching him from the doorway of my room.

Also, I had my hand rubbing my pussy while realizing how turned on I was.

So, let’s begin the conclusion of part two there.

He reached beside him and pulled another pair of my dirty panties up to his face.

I was confused at first but then realized he was sniffing them.

In fact, I couldn’t believe it turned me on watching the little pervert.

I couldn’t stop watching him as he moved them from his nose to his mouth, tasting my pussy on my panties.

As he sucked on the crotch,  his cock started to twitch and he shot his load into the other pair of my panties.

I quickly moved away from the door and went back to the front door.

When I opened and closed it I made it seem like I had just gotten home.

I went into the kitchen first to “get a drink” so he could have time to get out of my room.

After a few minutes, I went to my room but found the door shut.

Opening the door, I looked around and found both pairs of panties on the top of my laundry pile.

Next, I picked up the ones that he had around his dick and touched the sticky mess he had left on them.

I rubbed his cum between my fingers before putting them into my mouth.

I guess I just wanted to taste him too!

After that, I decided to try to sneak home early to watch him as much as I could.

Consequently, I decided to play with my pussy and leave him some really messy panties to play with next time!

Maybe it was wrong to indulge in my brother’s panty fetish, but I found it pretty fucking hot!

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