Panty Fetish? Nothing could be sexier than slipping into a pair of panties. There are so many different styles, fabrics, and textures. I love the soft silky material against my ass and pussy. Do you have a panty fetish?

Do you have a panty fetish? I love throwing men over the edge when I exploit their kinky panty fetish. One of my naughty lovers has a kinky panty fetish. Like so many guys I know, it’s so easy to either tease them with new panties or already worn panties.

One night I caught Chad sniffing and licking my panties. I really excited me and sent shivers through my body.  Without hesitation, I collected the panties and led him to my bed. I made him get naked then sit on the edge of the bed. I could tell he was getting extremely excited. The anticipation was killing him. (Wicked LiL Laugh) This was only the beginning of me manipulating him.

Chad’s dick was already starting to get hard, as he slowly glided his hand around his throbbing cock. Watching my every move with great anticipation. Bending over in front of him, I commanded him to lean forward and start sniffing my ass. Yes, I was still in my panties. I wanted his to sniff and lick me through the material of the panties. By this time I was drenched and getting even more excited by the minute. Slowly I slipped my fingers into my panties and started fingering my snatch. Chad couldn’t resist me or stroking his cock at the same time.

“Taste me fuck face. I want you to lick and smell my wet panties.” I instructed him.

The sweet-scented aroma of my pussy filled his nose. He couldn’t get enough of me.

Moaning in pure pleasure, as his nose and tongue explored the exterior of my panties. I told him to lie down, as I straddled his face with my panty covered pussy. I lowered myself, as I repeatedly painted his face with my pussy juices. “You like that? Huh? It feels good, doesn’t it?” He held my ass in his hands, keeping me right where he wanted me to stay. I stopped moving and pushed down, smothering him with my panty covered pussy and ass. His breathing and grip grew stronger, as his cock was about to explode. Leaning forward I grabbed his cock at the perfect moment. We both erupted at the same time. I let Chad take the panties home as a souvenir.

Do you have a panty fetish?

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