Panty fetish exploring is fun with Kelsey

How far does your panty fetish go? Licking, sniffing, or wearing them? You might do all the above. I like to sell mine but first I get them soaked just so you can get a taste of me. I’ll grab one of my sex toys and use it on myself until I cum inside my panties. I’ll send them to their new home after cumming in them a few times. The whole time I’m masturbating I’m imagining what your going to do after you get them. Will he be licking the cum out of the crotch, after sniffing that sweet pussy smell?

It’s a turn on for me to know your jerking off while licking and sniffing my panties. One of my callers requested I have sex while wearing them but I wonder if he knows that cum crotch wasn’t just my juices. My boyfriend just moves them to side before he slides his dick inside me. After getting my pussy filled I moved my panties back over and leave them on a few more hours. Those mixed juices were dripping all on the inside of my panties. As you can see I take special request when it comes to getting a pair of my panties. I’ll even send a clean pair for a sissy to wear!

Sissy boys are fun to dress in panties. You could snap a picture I love to see my panty boys modeling those undies but are you that brave? I love a good fetish! I can help you explore it to the fullest but are you willing to share your panty fetish secret with me? Confess to me and I can make it happen. Fetish phonesex is hot with Kelsey. Cum explore with Kelsey’s dirty panties I promise to keep your kinky secret.

Kinky Kelsey