Panty fetish just sounds like something dirty & something only men are into. What if I told you I have a

panty fetish? I’ll bet most of you wouldn’t bat an eye since I am somewhat eccentric where sexual deviance is concerned. My fetish isn’t based on sniffing dirty panties, it’s more around buying panties constantly because I love how they feel or look in them.

The second part of my panty fetish is knowing men wanna smell them and jerk off with them. Some guys love to wear used panties. Other guys who love cuckold phone sex ask to buy my panties after I’ve been fucked and filled with another man’s cum.

If you’re into fetish phone sex or you just love the smell of a yummy pussy, I have a way you and I can maximize our playtime. Let me pick out a pair and masturbate while you and I talk on the phone. Soak them in my feminine scent and send them to you.

Wouldn’t you love to have me there with you when you jerk off? As much as I would love to legit fuck you all, my pussy couldn’t handle it! How can I make this happen you ask? Easy! If you do a 30-minute call I will send you a pair of my soaked panties FREE!

I LOVE panties and only wear the softest lace, cotton, and silk. If you’re into sissy phone sex and wanna pair to wear let me know your size and I can give into my panty fetish and buy a pair to wear before I send them to you!

From masturbating in them to getting fucked and cream pied. Tell me what you want and I will make it happen! Give me a call and mention Panty30 for your FREE pair!

panty fetish