Panty Boys Are The Best, Because They’re Easy To Dominate!

Panty boys are so much fun to fuck with because they’re such losers but they’re also kind of sexy. I think their shame is part of the turn on for me and I love showing them just who’s boss. It’s so easy to show them I’m more of a man than they are. Especially when I have them dressed like a slut and licking my feet. John has a drawer full of sexy little panties and I make him wear them to work. He sends me a pic every morning of him in his suit with the trousers undone so I can see them.

He knows he’s a loser who’s lucky a girl like me even gives him attention. I have so much fun playing with him, he’s great entertainment when I’m bored. I had him come over last night and gave him a new pair of panties to wear; they were silky red with a little bow on the front. They were hot and he got all excited as he got naked, his hands rubbing them as he thanked me. I told him to shut up and put them on because I wanted to see them stretch over his hardening dick and the look on his face as he got embarrassed by it. He loves it but he knows he shouldn’t.

His dick made them bulge out the front.

I laughed at him as I made fun of him for getting so turned on by them. What kind of man was he? God, imagine what his friends would think if they saw him like this. He looked down at the floor and I twisted the knife as I told him that being my bitch was all he’d ever be because no one else would want him. He better keep me happy or he’d be all alone with just his panties for company. I pushed him down on the ground and grabbed his hair, shoving his head down to my feet.

I ordered him to lick my feet and it tickled as he flicked his tongue over them. There’s nothing like seeing a 35-year-old man naked except for red panties licking feet. It’s so pathetic. His tongue slid over them in bigger swipes and I could feel his breath on me. I wiggled my toes as he kept going and it was fun for a while. However, I knew from the way he was squeezing his thighs together that his dick was dying to be touched. I smacked my foot against his mouth and yanked his head up then gave him a little kick in the balls.

He groaned and tried not to flinch as I gave him a couple more kicks then pressed my toes against his hard dick.

Pre-cum made a wet spot on the panties and I rubbed my big toe on his head, teasing him as he moaned. “Jerk off in your panties for me.” I told him and he ran his hand over his dick, the panties sliding over it as he stroked himself. He did it faster and the wet spot grew bigger as he groaned. I kept playing with his balls, kneading my toes on the slippery fabric as I listened to the noises he was making. He tensed up and came in his panties, filling them with cum. I made him get dressed after that and he had to go home in his messy panties. The cum was squashing around his dick as he sat in his car. Now that was a fun afternoon. Do you have a craving to be one if my panty boys?

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