You’re one of “those boys” aren’t you…You know a ‘panty boy’. One that gets off on dressing up in ladies underwear and feeling that slippery, smooth fabric all over your cock. What’s your favorite color of panties to wear, um, lemme guess, pink? Thought so! Mincing around in the pretty, frilly, silky panties. Do you wear them under your clothes to work and pray no one sees you as you use the bathroom, better go into a stall!

So, do you like to rub through the panties with the fabric between you and your cock, or do you pull it out? Maybe it’s too small to pull out, so you rub your little clitty right through the panties in little circles, like a girl. Awww, isn’t that cute?! Your little cockette the size of an acorn in your little girl panties, gee, aren’t the girls all going to be lined up wanting a piece of that! NOT! Shall you call me up and we can discuss makeup and hairstyles and manis and pedis. Do you have your toenails painted underneath your loafers? Ha ha…..better hope you don’t have to take them and your socks off for any reason, that could be embarrassing!

Panties for some guys are just the start, maybe pantyhose are the next step in your wardrobe changes. Pantyhose under your work clothes, hope the guys don’t see, better put some socks over the feet so they don’t see your stocking covered ankles.

Every step you take, you can feel those satiny panties swishing over your privates, can’t you, feels all girlie like, doesn’t it? You wish you had a pussy too, don’t you? Silly little panty boy.


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