Panty-Boy Obsession and Making Your Man a Cuckold!

My Panty-Boy Obsession came about it the most curious way.  I was going through my lingerie dresser, which is this old antique six-drawer with clawed lion’s feet.  And believe it or not, it’s chock-full of goodies.  For starters, I came home to David prancing around in frilly lacey EXPENSIVE panties.  I know, because they were MINE!  So, I let it go and tip-toed BACKWARDS out of the doorway, made my way to the top of the stairs, and coughed… LOUDLY!

That gave him a few moments to pull himself together as I AUDIBLY this time made it to the doorway again.  This time, he was sitting idly on the edge of the bed we shared every night.  He nonchalantly went through the mail and only looked up when I spoke. Sweet, little LYING Muther fucker! “Hi, Baby.  How was your day?” “Been home long?” You know, normal couple chit-chat. But, underneath it all, I was SHOOK!

Funny, how things will play with your mind.

It made my heart flutter seeing David wearing my undies and I felt myself blush.  Should I worry? I mean, I have loved him since I can remember, and I always see him as my Knight in Armour; whether shining or not! lol.  So, shifting my brain to wrap around him wearing lace at all was hard.  Then, my mind shifted to the exact vision I’d had and my heart skipped another beat.  Was he SHAVED BARE down there? Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh! What the fuck?

I decided right then to do the unthinkable.  Have mercy! I was gonna set up the love of my life! I know, right? What an asshole I was!  Perhaps, I should have just left it alone? How long had this other life been going on?  Months, maybe even YEARS?

Going where no woman has gone before!

Was he sucking cock?  Maybe even going all the way and having his ass split?  I needed to know and quickly!  I love David, and it was mandatory that I find out if he still loved me, or if he’d gone elsewhere.  What else could I do?  So, I made several quick trips after work to pick up my supplies.  I felt very MacGyver as I plotted my investigation. However, I knew I had to follow through with it.

Unpacking the spy shit I purchased, I felt my hands shaking.  My resolve was steely and I plug and filled with batteries everything I had bought.  And not a moment too soon, it would seem.  He sauntered through the door and IMMEDIATELY looked guilty. lol.

“Hi, Baby! What are you up to?” he said as he sweetly kissed my forehead.

“What? Up to? I just got home right before you, Love.” I tried to keep my voice calm and it was working. “Oh! You mean the teddy-bear? I took it from little Ben as punishment for whacking his kid sister with it! I’ll give it back, but for now, Teddy lives right here!” I said while aiming the camera lens in Teddy’s eye right at the bed.  It was a happy happenstance that it also captured my lingerie chest! I patted teddy’s head, careful not to move him, and smiled at David. I would catch his Panty-Boy Obsession and get some answers!

“So, what are you in the mood for…?” David looked at me like I was the best thing on any menu and took me into his arms.  Could I be wrong? He couldn’t look at me this way if he didn’t love me, OR if he loved cock. Right?

Frightened to even look!

The next day dragged on like WINTER in the NORTH! I walked quickly, then broke into a full SPRINT getting to my car at 5 and put pedal to the metal all the way home.  It’s normally a very scenic drive home that I enjoy immensely.  But, today? It flew past me in a blur!  Furthermore, that blur filled itself with visions of David.  And again, my pussy got wetter.  I rounded the corner to our home and did NOT see David’s Jeep in the driveway.  Likewise, I sprinted into the house as I had to my car. I damn near knocked teddy off the dresser getting the memory stick out of him!

I was shaking when I slid it into my laptop and queued it up for playback. Dear GOD in Heaven! There stood my David.  He was wearing a beautiful dark Asian cut wig, a lovely kimono and underneath, he was clad in a thong, garter and black Cuban-hell stockings.  Further down h wore sexy black patent leather pumps. Tears filled my eyes as I slid down onto the bed.

Then I saw a miraculous thing!

David was not just taking my lingerie from the draws; he caressed them and held them close to his HEART! He smiled smelling my perfume on my robes and then he took out more, then MORE of my sexy stuff.  And the way he touched them!  He wasn’t just touching, or wearing my things to be femme. He was touching and caressing them to be CLOSER to me!

And, suddenly, in my Panty-Boy Obsession, it came back to me.  David had been complaining (gently, cuz that’s just how he is…) about my schedule at work and how he felt so alone in the house.  I had become so engrossed with the children at school and making a good impression at my new job; that I’d completely forgotten to make the love of my life FEEL LIKE THE MAN HE IS!

Then, I turned and saw the look of horror on David’s face.  “Baby. Please let me explain…” My hand went to his lips and I shushed him.  “No, David. Let me say how incredibly sorry I am, Baby!”

We talked and laughed like we hadn’t in years.

So, I understood when David confirmed what I thought while watching him on tape. He just needed to be, and more importantly, feel like I was actually with him!  I looked at him after we made love like teenagers and said, “Baby?” David looked down as he held me closer than ever, wonder etched on his face, stayed quiet but observant.

“Don’t think I’m crazy, okay?” He simply smiled at me. I went on. “Can I make a request, Baby?” This time he spoke. “Anything, my love”.  He regarded me as if I would say something terrible…maybe. lol  “Please slip these on!” I held on the tip of my finger, my fave La Perla panties with the diamond button at the top of my ass.

“What” David muttered, but I could feel his broadening smile.

I turned my head on his shoulder and said, “You make me SO FUCKING WET when I see you dressed like a FUCKING FAGGOT PANTY-BOY! Is that okay?” He didn’t utter a word, but slipped them off my fingertip!  “I’ll be right back, Baby!” he said while bounding from the bed and into the closet…so to speak. Giggle

When David emerged, he looked DAMN FINE! Better than a LOT of chicks I know. And we made love that night and every night after like we were teenagers again. Who knew that the key to Hardcore Sex, was playtime on a different level.  Hell! Truth be told, I would run away if David accidentally sucked on a cock while he’s hammering my pussy.  Have I mentioned that once he did do a cuckold thing for me, but neither of us got off as much as when we play alone? Hope Springs eternal!  Time for some cuckold phone sex! I PROMISE, you’ll never be the same! David wasn’t. lol. Let’s do a Panty-Boy Obsession tonight! I think you’ve got your own Panty-Boy Obsession, don’t you?

Panty-Boy Obsession