Panty boy instructions from your mistress Chase. You will obey!

Panty boy, a little fucking bitch who I can dress up and do with as I please. You will do as I say and you will fucking beg me for more.

I bet you didn’t think that you would be turned into my little fucking bitch tonight, did you. Well, guess the fuck what, tonight everything I say goes. If you give me any fucking lip then I will be forced to punish you!

We will start off by making you strip down to nothing….

Now in the bag you will find black stockings and a little pink lace teddy and a matching thong.. Put them on now, next to the bag there is a pair of strappy laced up 6-inch stilettos put them on, don’t make me fucking wait you little cunt.

Now on your hands and knees and lean forward you need some bright red lipstick so you look like the little whore you are, I said lean the fuck forward.

Much better, you little fucking cunt!

Now I want you to get on your feet Panty boy and prance around the room so I can see my masterpiece in action.

O you don’t want too afraid someone might see, boo fucking who! Since you want to get fucking lippy with me I have someone for you to get lippy on.

I step out of the room and come back a few moments later and I have on a big black strap on and I instruct you to open your fucking mouth and start making lipstick rings down my cock.

Deeper you little bitch, all the way back down your fucking throat and hold it there, do not fucking gag on my cock either, bet you will think twice about getting lippy as I start to shove my strappy deeper into your throat. You feel the pressure in the back of your throat building up…..

Wanna continue your guided adventure my little Panty boy?

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