“What did you wear yesterday, Mommy?” I know where that question will lead. Little Johnnie wants to play dress up and more. “I wore my hot pink lace bikini panties and matching bra. There are in the dirty clothes hamper, Johnnie.” “Oh goody”, he says with glee. “Mommy, did you wear panty hose or stockings?” I smiled and said, “You know Mommy prefers thigh high stockings to panty hose. I wore the light pink ones. They’re in the hand washable hamper by my bed.” He jumped for joy and ran upstairs. I followed slowly behind him. I have been drinking so much Ice Tea that my bladder is full and I can’t walk as fast.

As I enter my bedroom Johnnie is pulling out my dirty clothes and smelling each item. He finds the hot pink panties first and bury’s his face in the crotch of the panties that are still sticky wet from Mommy’s sweat and takes a big wiff. He slides his tongue across the crotch and moaned with delight. He sets the panty neatly on the bed and digs deeper to find the matching bra. When he finds it he holds it next to his chest and smiles. He walks over to smaller hamper and immediately finds the light pink stockings.  “Mommy, will dress me up so I can be pretty like you are?” “Of course baby, don’t I always.”

He takes off his boy clothes and stands in front of me naked.  He so wants to please his mommy. “I’m ready. I’m ready for you to dress me and make me pretty.” I love his excitement. “Sit on the bed and hold out your feet.”  I slowly slide his left foot in and then his right and slide it up to his knee cap. “Ok, stand up so Mommy can pull them up.” “Ok, yes mommy.”  I pull the hot pink panties over his bulging cock all the way up to his waste. ” Oh mommy, I love it when you dress me in your dirty underwear. I love the way you smell.” “Oh thank you baby. Now let’s get this bra on.” He holds out his arms and says, “I’m ready.”

I put the bra through his right and then his left arm and fasten it in the back. He touches the bra and looks at himself in the mirror. “Oh I love it. Now the stockings, mommy.” As he sits back on the bed and holds out his left foot I gently slide the the stocking on his foot and slide it up to his thigh and then the right. “Stand up so mommy can smooth your stocking.” I stroke his left leg up to his upper thigh and smooth the stockings out. I run my hand up his right leg and gently smooth the right stocking. “Oh you look so pretty, baby.’ Johnnie looks and himself in the mirror. “Oh I do, I do.” He models are the room switching his hips. He sees me doubled over in pain holding my stomach.

Mommy's Lemonade
Mommy’s Lemonade

“Mommy, what’s wrong? Are you alright, mommy?” I look at him and said “Mommy, is fine but I drank so much Ice Tea I think my bladder is going to burst. Mommy has to pee really bad.” Johnnie jumps up and down. “Oh Mommy, you know how much I LOVE your lemonade. You must love me so much. You played dress up with me and now you have saved the lemonade for me. I love you Mommy. Let me drink it all. I will be your loving toilet.” He lays on the floor with his mouth wide open. I slide off my panties and squat over his face. My pee comes down like a heavy stream right into Johnnies mouth. He drinks it all. “Oh, Mommy that was soooo good.”  “You’re welcomed, baby.”  What can I say…. PANTY BOY JOHNNIE LOVES MOMMY’S LEMONADE.

Written by Momma GENIE