Panty boy fetish poetry time sissy boys!

Panty Boy Fetish is what you have so you say,
Well my little bitch, Chase is ready to play.
I will make you dress up,
In bras, panties, and make-up.
As I say you will do,
No excuses or crying boo who.
My little slut yes you are,
With your puckered up star.
My strappy is long and hard,
Get ready pull out your card.
Panty Boy Fetish play is so fun,
Too late now for you to run.
I have you dressed and ready to go,
My you make such a pretty little hoe.
Your stocking has a rip, a run you see,
For your punishment, you will watch me pee.
Your lipstick is smeared, your wig is a mess,
Shit, look what you’ve done to your dress.
You’re a filthy dirty little whore,
I call you names you beg me for more.
Break down your self-esteem,
I laugh, I joke, I make you a meme.
Panty boy Fetish is at play,
Where do you think you are going, you better stay.
Twists and turns along the way,
Get you drunk you start to sway.
I love making you my girlie bitch,
Too bad for you I don’t have a switch.
Full steam ahead with your makeup on,
Trick little boys with our con.
They make think you have a pussy to lick,
But o the surprise when they see all you have is a teeny tiny prick.
Drink up bitch, time for more,
What a good little fucking whore.
Playtime has almost Cum to an end,
So dial my number and press send.
When your ready and have the nerve,
I will be here to give you what you deserve.
Don’t forget something for your ass,
Unless you’re a pussy and rather pass.
So talk to you soon my little slut,
Dress you up and might even call you a mutt.

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