Panty Boy Exposed!

Panty Boy Exposed by Sweet Sexy Sara.  I want to humiliate this pathetic panty wearing caller. I call him Debbie but his real name is Dan, and he is a closeted cross-dressing weak dude who will do anything for me. He loves to wear little panties, which I think is pretty hot but he wants to keep it a secret.

I love to make him dress up in his sexy little outfits and put on his dirty slutty wigs. He tells me not to post his photos on the internet but I am posting a few here! If he doesn’t do as I say, I might just carry through with placing an ad on craigslist offering him to men in his home town city. I might tell them where he lives and I would order him to give good sloppy blowjobs to these strangers if he does not behave the way I want him to. He says he has never actually sucked a dick before but I do not  believe him. If he has not, it is time to put that sexy dirty mouth to work for me. I will make him a cock guzzling dirty whore.

I may have a sweet voice, but I can make men do very nasty things to themselves. Just ask the guy I made spank himself hundreds of times with a bathroom scrub brush. I am pretty sure his ass is still sore!

If Debbie doesn’t behave he will be forced to do horrible things to himself. I will enjoy every minute of telling him to drink out of the toilet or tie up his balls tight.

Do you like to get humiliated by a hot young girl? Do you like to be teased and laughed at?

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