When I came home early I discovered my brother was a panty boy!

I decided to cut out of class early and bring my boyfriend along for the fun. I headed upstairs first to make sure the coast was clear. That’s when I discovered that my very own big brother was a panty boy! Once I pushed my bedroom door open, I saw him standing there in a pair of my pink panties. At first, I was shocked, but then I just started laughing at him. He looked utterly ridiculous.

The funniest part of all was that his dick wasn’t even sticking out of my panties. That told me all I needed to know. My big brother had a little white dick. He swore he wasn’t that little but I knew there was no way he would come close to measuring up to my boyfriend’s big black cock. Of course, that’s when Rodney came around the corner. My brother tried to cover up but it was too late. He started laughing at him too.

I stripped Rodney’s pants down and showed my panty boy brother what a real man’s cock looks like. I thought his eyes were gonna pop right out of his head. There was nothing he could say then. I even made him pull his little white dick out. Only out of the side of the panties though for comparison. It was pathetic how little he was next to that yummy big black cock.

I made him watch while I worshiped my boyfriend’s massive cock while I made fun of him. Even with all that humiliation, he just couldn’t help but rub his little dick through those panties. I climbed up on the bed on all fours and made him watch while I got fucked. My big brother was in shock that I could take something so big and thick in my tight little cunny hole. The loser had no stamina either so he dribbled in his panties long before Rodney exploded inside of me.

I made the pathetic little panty boy eat his own cum out of his panties while we watched and laughed at him.

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