Panties Can Be Tricky

Ever go shopping at the store by yourself and find yourself wondering off in the women’s department drooling over panties. You look in the isle. Then you walk by the lacy bras and then all these wonderful thoughts come to mind. You want to try them on so badly. Your little cock pressing hard up against your undies. But the urge to actually do so makes you quiver in fear as other women pass by looking at you. Just the thought of your pathetic self looking at women’s panties makes your cheeks cherry red.

Then all of a sudden a girl like me comes along. I ask you if you need any help looking for something. You remain quiet, shrug no without a word but I know why you’re there. Want those panties don’t you? You want to wear them so bad and get them all messy but you don’t have the balls to pick them off the rack and place them in a tiny plastic basket.  Bet you don’t have the balls to walk the twenty feet to a self checkout now do you?  You really are as pathetic as you look.

You are just the sissy boy pantie slut I have been waiting for.

Maybe, instead of having to go to the store and buying your panties yourself,  would you much rather someone were to wear them first and then give them to you? A nice pair of freshly scented panties with a nice creamy filling just for you.  A pair filled with cum that you could pretend was from you getting fucked?  Cum you could lick and suck off those panties like the cum slut you are?

I’d love to see you in my panties. Take a picture of yourself and let me place you on my sissy wall of shame. Your little clitty is rock hard just thinking about it isn’t it?

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