Panties Burglar: Part 2

Panties Burglar: Part 1

Our plan needed to be devious and well calculated.  We would leave the nanny cam up for a while, no sense in missing an opportunity for more evidence.  This sick loser would be pretty easy to catch.  He obviously had little self-control or he would have paced himself, but instead, he took so many of our panties we had noticed.  The task of milking him dry, in ever sense of the word, would be like stealing candy from a baby.

  It only took a week for us to have plenty of evidence of him in our home, jerking his cock, and running off with our dirty panties.  This fucking pervert waited for us to bring guys home and as soon as we left for the gym in the morning, he would let himself in.  It was pretty disgusting and sad watching a grown ass man getting so excited over dirty, cum filled panties.  I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when I walked over there with the DVD.

Today was the day!  I grabbed the DVD and marched my sexy ass next door.  He opened it and looked at me like he couldn’t believe I was standing in his doorway.  I’m sure it a shock ANY woman would be at his house, let alone a hot one.  I pushed past him and made myself right at home, walking to his pantie littered living room, and popping in my DVD.

“What are you doing?’ He said in disbelief.

“Have a seat, Andy.  I have a really good video for you to watch!” I replied with a slick smile on my face.

The DVD started off with him in the thick of the action, rummaging through my hamper.  His face turned white as a ghost.  I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Whats wrong, Hun… Does this guy look familiar?  I would love to have a seat but god knows what you’ve been doing on this furniture.”

That’s when the next scene came in, Andy in his living room, jerking off surrounded by his pile of stolen panties.  His face was white as a ghost!

“What do you want?” He asked with his voice shaking.

“Well,”  I said with my smirk growing wider, “I want a lot of things.  I think the real question is what are YOU willing to give me?  I’m sure the cops would fucking love to see all this evidence of the neighborhood pervert!”

He pulled out his wallet and handed me a laughable amount of money.  I knew he didn’t do anything outside of work and, apparently, pantie stealing.  No no no…  He would be paying me dearly!  I started with him paying my rent each month.  In return, I would be gracious enough to give him one pair of my cum filled panties every week.  Besides, with all my extra money, I could buy all the fucking panties I wanted.

  I have to admit, it was surprisingly easy to get him to fork over the heft sum of money every month.  As time went on, I threatened him with his family, job, police, hell I even told him I would plaster his ass all over social media and the news!  The money grew and grew until he ended up having to move into a shitty little studio apartment across town.  He fell for my little scheme just like I had planned.

Teen Phone Sex!