Caught again wearing panties?  Are you a pantie boi that enjoys getting in touch with your girlie side?  Little sissification phone sex?  Forced feminization?  I would love to help you cross over to the other side to explore your sexuality.  Maybe it is started when you were very young — wearing Mommy’s panties?  Maybe your older sister’s panties? The thought of sneaking into Mommy’s room and masturbating with her soft silky panties has made your cock hard for years.  I know you can’t help yourself – it’s like a ritual of pleasure.  Slowly you open her pantie drawer, as you discover all the beautiful panties. Silky pink, sensuous reds, luscious black and innocent white panties waiting for you to wear and rub against your cock.  Graciously, you slip into a pair of pink panties, as your manhood slips away.  You become the perfect sissy pantie boi rubbing and playing the day away.

Now you’re a big boy and still wearing panties. You love dressing for me and being my sexy sissy pantie boi.  Dressing to impress and playing for me on the phone or on skype.  Yes my sexy little beast – I’m talking about YOU!  You know who you are and you love to serve me.  Touching yourself on command – rubbing yourself and making yourself feel like a pretty little princess for me.  You call me Mistress – sometimes you call me Mommy.  All those memories come rushing back.  Thinking back to those younger years, as you touched yourself.  You touched yourself thinking of Mommy back than.  The collection of endless panties turning you on.  The hours of endless pleasure as you touched yourself and made yourself feel good.
Now you touch yourself thinking of me.  You couldn’t stop then and you can’t stop now.  You love the way it feels.  You can’t get enough – especially as you listen to my soft, sultry voice edging you to play – teasing you to almost cum.  You can’t hold back – you want to fill your panties with lots of that creamy white goo.  Let’s try some guided masturbation or JOI phone sex.
You need some control – when to hold and when to let go.  Do you crave to serve me as your Mistress? Are you prepared for a session of domination phone sex? Some days you are worthless and a little worm!  A little dick, like a small inch worm, rubbing it in your panties, like a  swollen clitty!  You feel so pretty?  Yet so naughty – knowing your are pathetic! Knowing that real men don’t wear panties and know how to pleasure a woman.   You on the other hand – only know how to pleasure yourself wearing girlie stuff!  In the mood for some humiliation phone sex?  I bet you wear a slip, dress and bra too don’t you?    
You seriously think you could please and worship my sexy ass? (Ass worship phone sex) I think you need to understand just what is expected from you and you need to call me for some more of my candid and true discipline phone sex.  You know you need to worship me.  Come and beg me.  Beg me to allow you to cum.  Grovel as you beg to worship me.  I can hear your voice now.  It’s time to dress up and call me. I’m very open-minded – best of both worlds – so don’t be scared, just be ready to the best phone sex experience EVER! I will blow your mind away!!

Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination – Call me and cum – I’m waiting for you now.

Cum2RavenKiss Kiss

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