I couldn’t resist exploiting Jack’s hidden pantie fetish. Wearing woman’s panties was like second nature to him. Was it the smell,  the feel or the taste that drove him insane and made him submit to all my naughty commands. He was one of those men that just screamed “tough guy.” He is gorgeous from head to toe.  Tall with a chiseled body.  He worked out at the gym a lot and moves with confidence. He’s really sexy and I just loved fucking him when he was the manly man, but the naughty little devil on my shoulder said that it would be hilarious to get him to be a little panty boy bitch.

Those little voices always get me into so much trouble one way or another.  Like most people, I always give in to it.  <wicked lil laugh>  Jack came over and was expecting the hot steamy sex.  Usually I would dress in my favorite Victoria Secret’s panties, but this time it was different. I knew he wouldn’t be disappointed and neither would I.

I took him to my bedroom and told him that I wanted to do something really fun and different with him. He was very curious and asked “what I had in mind?” I said “I wanted to play with a dirty little panty boy.” He laughed and told me to be serious and I told him I was as I went to my dresser. I chose a sexy pair of panties that I was fine with giving up and handed them to him. They were red lace with a little pink bow on the front.  At first he just stared at them.  I told him to hurry up and put them on. He smirked at me and refused to do it.  Yes refused to do it, until I said “You have no choice! Either you do it or I will find a man who knew how to make me happy and obey.”

He sighed and began taking his clothes off. When he was naked he slipped my panties on and they stretched tightly over him, making his dick and balls really stand out. “Happy?” he asked, sounding annoyed but I kept pushing him. “Do you like the way the feel? Aren’t they silky soft” I asked and gave his ass cheek a little rub. “Go on, tell me how much you like them.” He just shrugged and said they were okay. I grabbed his hand and put it on the panties, forcing him to feel them. His fingers brushed over it and he got fidgety, as he started to get hard. “It’s nice.” he said and I told him to really get a feel for them or else we’ll be here all day.

It didn’t take long before he started to enjoy the pleasure and the sensation of the touch.  I let him go and he began touching himself, caressing his panty covered ass and dick. “Can we stop now?” he asked a few minutes later, his face all red. It must have been killing him to know that wearing little red panties was making him hard. “No.” I told him and continued making him all girly. I grabbed a bra, holding it up while he put his arms through it. I did it up at the back and stuffed some tissues into the cups. I then made him stand in front of the mirror so he could see how pretty he looked. He did but kept his eyes down and I had to remind him to look at himself. Embarrassment filled his face as he saw the bulge in front of his panties and his big muscular chest that had a red bra on it.

I gotta admit he looked ridiculous but I got a rush of power knowing that only I could make him do this. No one else knew and it would be our little secret I could use against him if I wanted to. I laughed and was about to tell him to put his clothes on top of his new lingerie and go home when I saw my lipstick lying on the desk. I guess we weren’t done after all. Are you ready to explore your hidden pantie fetish?

Let’s create our own fantasy forced fem, sissification, domination, humiliation even a little tease and denial. LOL I might even need to blackmail you to add a little flavor to the call. Endless opportunities of pleasure are yours for the taking. Are you ready to explore your hidden fetish phone sex? What’s your wild fantasy — I love wild and naughty role-playing. As well as naughty talk that will trigger our inner pleasures to explode. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.

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