You have a pantie fetish you can’t control – everything about panties turn you on. Is exploring pantie phone sex a fetish or lifestyle? You know you can’t help yourself either way.   A sexy woman walks by – it doesn’t matter she can be wearing jeans,  a skirt – you can’t help checking out her ass. Then your mind wanders to the type of panties she is wearing.   Don’t worry I know you are human!!  I want you to look at me – you want to know what I taste like, what I smell like – how bad do you want me?  Teasing you is half the fun and denying you is the other half.  You know the saying “You ALWAYS want what you can’t have.” It’s all about your taboo temptations and it’s time to push your ass and pantie fetish to the next level of appreciation.

Maybe you are a sissy pantie boy who likes to dress in lingerie. Every so often I would catch Ashton rummaging around in my lingerie drawer and hamper. Sniffing, touching and licking the crotch of my panties. One time, I caught him in the bathroom jerking off with my panties. “Silly boy!! You know what I’m going to make you do now.” I said with a stern voice. “Raven, I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself.” I just shock my head. I was going to have him slip into a pair of panties and have him tuck his dick between his legs to make the perfect rubbing package. Just like Ashton, I encourage my callers to dress up and be my good girlie girl slut. Sensuous domination makes your man pussy wet! Do you have a craving to dress up and show off your sexy lingerie? Let’s play dress up and let me watch you on cam ( Skype, AIM or Yahoo) I adore watching men dress up in lingerie. Let’s have an anything goes adventure. I want you to get in touch with your femmie side – let’s do it together. Are you turned on enough to dress and play? Let’s play with my toys – Strap on and wide variety of dildos. Get your toys ready – let’s play naughty together. Maybe you are the type of guy who loves shopping and need a little help getting in touch with your girl. What girlie girl doesn’t like to go shopping on the internet or in a mall? Just like Ashton – let’s go shopping for your personal collection of panties, hosiery and lingerie. Don’t feel left behind – let me help you and take you to the next level of enjoyment. No limits and no taboo phone sex Sssh it will be our little secret. It’s all about experimenting and what makes you feel comfortable.

It’s your call – I’m open-minded if you are. Imagine lying back – sniffing and licking the perfect pair of wet panties or pantyhose. You know you’ve done this. You can’t help yourself. You appreciate the smell of a sexy woman and her wet panties or soft stockings. If you are like some of my callers. You can’t help yourself – stealing panties from hampers? Best friend’s panties? girl friend’s wet panties? Draping them over your face and imagining being between the perfect creamy thighs. Slowly licking and kissing your way up to the perfect wet pussy. I have an open invitation for you. You can slip between my legs anytime – anywhere – anything goes pussy panties, pantyhose, lingerie or stockings. Let’s take it all the way – Ashton finally let me dress him from head to toe as the perfect girl.  He even let me fuck his sexy little man pussy – pegging at it’s best!  Let’s put your man pussy to the test. Get ready for our  sissification phone sex play date.

So what’s your fancy? Thong – French – Boy shorts?? Do you have a favorite color you would like me to wear for our call? Lace – Silk – Satin – Even Cotton – I could go on and on. Just the way they feel against my pussy when I rub my clit. Mmmm Mmmm Good!! Shame I can only wear one pair at a time during pussy play phone sex. No Worries – Cause after each phone call, my bald pussy gets so wet. I just change into another pair. Let’s just say it’s a very active day of pleasure. You should CUM join me in ALL the FUN I am having today!! Dress up in your favorite silk or lace thong. I love watching a men on Yahoo Cam or Skype – Dress up and play with your cock or ass for me – That would truly add the Cherry on Top to my Day!! If you have Men Thong – Perfect – All the more fun! Call me now for your personal journey in pantie and stocking fetish– dominationsissification phone sex session. Are you ready to explore my endless taboo phone sex details?

Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination – Call me and cum – I’m waiting for you now.





Kiss Kiss

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