Sparks Fly When The Lovers Cross Paths At The Pagan Festival!!!

A Fire Begins To Burn That Neither Lover Can Deny!!! Can Anything Put Out This Flame? I was so excited!!! I hadn’t been to a pagan festival in far too long. It was a bright sunny day, and the road trip to the nudist colony where the pagan celebration was to take place had been a wonderful trip indeed. Eased through the maze of roads and traffic so smoothly it was like The Universe was guiding me towards the destination where It knew I needed to be!

As I arrived at the campground, my heart began to beat like the pagan drums I was excited to hear again that night! The long narrow drive lined by trees in various shades of green guided me toward a weekend of relaxation and renewal. I couldn’t wait! Beams of sunlight shined through the trees and reminded me of outstretched arms welcoming me to pagan paradise. Mother Earth was present, and we acknowledged each other silently.

I found a place to park and walked to the registration area to get signed in. Everyone that crossed my path greeted me enthusiastically with warm welcomes and a genuine sense of love and harmony. It was so good to be back among my brothers and sisters of the pagan community. The barrage of “Blessed Be!” wishes caused a grin to spread across my face and a feeling of unity to warm my heart and soul. I returned each pagan greeting with a love-filled “Blessed Be!” of my own and a genuine smile that lit up my entire face. Was already beginning to feel myself fall into a deeper state of relaxation and calm.

I grabbed a program which lists all of the workshops and vendors and includes a schedule of events. I would check it out after I got set up and decide which classes I wanted to attend. Didn’t want to be too “plany”…after all, it was to be a weekend of relaxation…but I wanted to see what was available to peak my interests and add to my knowledge of the old pagan ways.

Returned to my car and drove around the campsites looking for the place that was to be “home” for the weekend. Found the perfect spot in the back under a canopy of trees to provide shade from the blazing sun of Florida afternoons.

I grabbed my tent first so I could get it set up on my new little piece of real estate. I love my tent…so quick and easy to set up by myself! Also love how it can be a full tent, screen room or just a canopy shade depending on how many “windows” I decide to leave open.

Once I had my tent ready to go, I grabbed the rest of my stuff I wanted and needed for the weekend and placed it inside my tent to then organize. The hum of activity outside my tent and the curiosity of what workshops and vendors were available for me to enjoy this weekend spurred me to organize faster. I got my blow up mattress set up and my bed made. I found a place for all of my things inside the large tent and, much to my surprise, I was “home” before I knew it.

Grabbed my folding chair out of my car and set it up outside my tent. I went in my tent to grab my program and came back out to take a seat in my new front yard. It was later in the afternoon by now so the sun was starting to ebb in it’s relentless light and heat and a cool tropical breeze brushed over my skin as Air greeted and welcomed me. I took a deep breath, held it and let it out. I was HOME!

The program was filled with many exciting pagan events, making it difficult to choose my favorites. I decided on the Tarot Reading Class and a Water Meditation Workshop. Water is my favorite Element so that was a definite. I love the Tarot so I am always excited to learn anything I can about it. They offered a Reiki Workshop and that had always peaked my interest though I knew little about it. I love massages, giving and receiving, so I decided that Reiki would also be an excellent choice. A few other activities on the list caught my eye, and I made mental note to check them out as well if nothing better was going on.

Having decided on the pagan classes and workshops I wanted to attend, I sprang from my chair, excitement filling me for what was next! VENDORS! Time to check out all the treasures that await me! I love the pagan events because I always acquire such wonderful pieces of jewelry that depict symbols of things that are important to me. Most becoming very personal amulets that each hold special power and purpose for me in My Magickal Journey.

I grabbed my purse, put it over my head and across my body, leaving the strap to separate my large breasts (which always makes them stick out more and look even bigger!). Headed out to wander among the masses. As I walked through the maze of tents and campers, a beautiful breeze caressed my skin and blew my sarong skirt open, giving anyone nearby a chance to see that I had nothing on under it. I laughed and thought to hold it together as I normally would but reminded myself that I was at a nudist colony so it didn’t really matter! Besides, the ties of the sarong hang down in front and provide at least a little more coverage.

I’m not shy…but I had just arrived so sometimes it takes me awhile to get used to the fact that I’m not in the “real world” anymore, and I am back in a world that is how I wish the whole world could be…a place filled with perfect love and perfect trust! A place where you can leave out your most prized possessions and no one would ever even think to take them much less even touch them without the owner’s permission. The pagan community is such a different world than the “real” one where I feel it completely necessary to lock my car even just to run into the convenience store for a brief time.

Yes, it was SOOO GOOD to be back in this much better world!

I finally made it to the vendors area and anticipation filled me, excitement overwhelmed me and every sense of my entire being tingled. The sensation flooded me and soon my nipples grew very hard. I wasn’t wearing a bra and only a thin linen lace trimmed half shirt to go with my pink sarong. The light white fabric was no real coverage for my nipples and anyone could see them if they really looked.

I had amused myself greatly by the reactions of men I elicited as I walked past them out in the real world when I stopped to fill up my fuel tank and grab a drink and snack. The sight of my long blonde hair blowing in the tropical breezes, that same air pushing the fabric of my thin shirt closer to my skin to better reveal my nipples. Several times my sarong skirt had blown open before I could catch it and hold it closed. This caused more than one man to just about trip and fall. I could just hear the necks breaking. I laughed to myself and smiled. It made me feel good!

I looked down to see that my nipples were indeed very hard and it was easy to see them protruding under the thin fabric of my shirt. I became acutely aware of how the fabric felt against my hard nipples and that made them even harder.

Stopped at the first vendor and looked at the offerings. Such beautiful pieces of genuine silver! So much to look at! So hard to choose! Damn the limited funds! I like to look at every single vendor and see what everyone has to offer and then decide what I’m going to get. Unless of course a certain piece really calls to me and I know that I have to get it then and there! Some things I ***JUST KNOW*** are meant for ME!

I saw a few things I liked, but nothing really called to me. I strolled to the next vendor and the next checking out what each had to offer. In this third place, I was browsing through the display cases and an amazing piece of silver caught my eye as soon as my gaze passed over it…a pendant of the Eye of Horus! Horus is my favorite pagan god. I have an overwhelming attraction to Ancient Egyptian things and believe that I definitely had a past life in that place and time. But this was no ordinary Eye of Horus because this one was two eyes put together to form a mask! I had never seen anything like it before and I ***JUST KNEW*** I HAD TO HAVE IT!

I eagerly reached for the pendant to get a closer look at it and my hand bumped hard against a man’s hand whom I hadn’t even noticed standing beside me, probably because Horus had my full attention. The man was reaching for the same pendant.

I looked up and my heart instantly skipped a thousand beats! My gods and goddesses! What a beautiful man!

He had long blonde wavy hair that instantly caught my eye and got my heart racing! I love long hair on men! Then I noticed his eyes! Deep pools of a gorgeous shade of blue I swear I’ve never seen before! Blonde hair and blue eyes! I am attracted to all colors of hair and eyes but long blonde hair and blue eyes is my favorite! His face was so beautiful! So strong, yet so pretty boy like! He wasn’t wearing a shirt so I could plainly see his perfectly toned body…nice toned arm muscles, a strong sexy chest and well defined abs that made me want to run my tongue all over them! And the lines! Those lines that run over a man’s hips and lead down to his treasure! Like a well defined road map for my mouth to follow…a map leading me to paradise!

He was dressed only in a short sarong skirt of royal blue with white Celtic symbols adorning it. It wasn’t hard to tell through the thin fabric that this man was very well endowed! If his sarong was any shorter, his dick just might have hung out the bottom! Men wear sarong skirts in the pagan community and kilts as well and I find that very sexy and a huge turn on! It also tells me that he has a strong sense of his manhood and is not afraid to don a sarong!

We laughed and apologized to each other for bumping hands. His laugh was sexy and his lips were so beautiful! So kissable! My heart raced faster!

“You should have it!” he said “It was meant for YOU!” He smiled again…a smile that made me melt!

I started to protest, looking down at it and secretly hoping that he would decline my offer to let him have it. But when I looked back up to tell him, he was walking away, his hand brushing the top of the canvas out of his way as he bent sideways to exit, his toned bicep displayed by such a movement. I watched as he walked away, the thin fabric of the sarong clinging to his amazing round ass, his back muscles rippling with every movement, his tanned skin glistening in the fading sunlight. My gods and goddesses! What a gorgeous guy! My heart was going to beat out of my chest! My nipples grew even harder than I thought possible. I could feel a warm sensation beginning to stir in my nether region!

I *KNEW* in my heart that the only reason he had walked away was so that I could NOT offer it to him. “How sweet!” I thought.

I took a deep breath and turned my attention back to the amulet which I quickly purchased without any hesitation. He was right! It *WAS* meant for ME!

I replaced the stone I had been previously wearing around my neck with my newfound treasure! It looked perfect as it hung between my large breasts! I wrapped my hand around it and gave it a quick cleansing and consecration, making it truly mine indeed!

Then I realized I was hungry so I set off in search of something to eat. I headed toward the area where I knew from past experience the food would be. Grabbed some things that interested me and carried my tray to a nearby picnic table. I dove into my meal and was very pleasantly surprised at how great everything tasted. A few bites in, I began to look around. It felt so wonderful to be out in nature…the trees, the fresh air! The sun was lowering in the sky, beginning its journey toward the horizon, and I could just tell tonight’s sunset would be a spectacular show!

I began to look around at all of the people seated at the multiple tables set up in the dining area outside. There he was! My heart began to race again, and I almost choked on my food. I recovered, hopefully unnoticed, and smiled at him, returning the big beautiful smile that he had given me when our eyes met. He began to rise and grab his tray as if he were going to join me, but then another guy came up and sat beside me.

“What’s a beautiful woman like you doing eating alone?” he asked.

I looked at the beautiful man in blue and he smiled and shrugged his shoulders as he gave me a wink. I watched as he carried his tray back into the cafeteria area. His large manhood making that little sarong skirt stick out farther than it should be, his well defined back side causing a nice little bump in the back of the sarong. I was so taken by the sight of him. I barely heard a word the man who sat next to me was saying.

“Do you come to these pagan things a lot?” he asked louder with a bit of annoyance in his voice that he was trying hard to hide.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I finally answered “Yes, I’ve been to several but it’s been a long time.”

We had a nice exchange that I now cannot recall because even though I answered the man’s questions and carried on a conversation with him. I was really deeply distracted by thoughts of the gorgeous guy in blue.

I finished my meal and thanked the guy for joining me for dinner. Then I told him I have a workshop to catch, and I did.

It was going to start in a few minutes and I didn’t want to miss it. I returned my tray and quickly headed toward the campsite where I knew the Tarot Reading Class was going to be. I had thought to stop by my tent first and grab My Deck. Arrived in time and took a seat toward the back. I opened my notebook and readied my pen to take notes. The instructor gave some great new ideas that I hadn’t known about. I eagerly wrote down all the good knowledge that he shared.

Then the instructor suggested that each of us shuffle our own decks, cut them three times and select the top card of the last cut, but to make sure we didn’t turn it over just yet. We then went around the class and each person said their name, turned their card face up, announced what it was and then, per the teacher’s instructions, said the first three things that came to their mind when they looked at their card. I listened to each one in turn, very interested in every person’s interpretation of their card.

A guy said something interesting about a card, and I turned my attention away from the group to jot it down. Then I heard a familiar voice say “Hey everyone! I’m Chase!” My entire body stiffened and I instantly felt a warm sensation overtake my entire body. I turned to look behind me and there he was again! My beautiful elusive man in blue! My heart raced and my pulse quickened! He overturned his card and announced that it was The Lovers!

“What does this card mean to you, Chase?” the instructor asked.

“I think it means that I am going to meet a very sexy woman this weekend, someone who is very special and with whom I will have an amazing connection!” and upon finishing, he looked straight into my eyes! And smiled! That beautiful smile that caused me to melt inside once again. My eyes grew wide and I bit my lower lip. I couldn’t help the naughty grin that spread across my face like the wildfire I could feel growing inside me.

After a few more people interpreted their cards, it was my turn. “Hey! I’m Layne!” I said and flipped my card over, dying to see what The Universe had in store for me! I couldn’t believe my eyes! My entire body began to tingle and I became almost dizzy. “The Lovers!” I finally announced, my mouth growing dry and making it difficult to speak. The teacher asked me what I thought the card meant for me. I responded almost weakly, “I think it means that I…”

And then The Universe spoke through me, as often happens when I do readings, and words began to fall from my lips boldly, words that I feel I myself did not create “I will find a Lover very soon! Someone who excites me and thrills me like no other! Someone who stimulates my every sense and heightens my physical sense of pleasure, but who also touches me in ways that go far beyond the physical. Someone who will touch me to My Soul!”

I was surprised at the words I spoke! Such bold statements! I then couldn’t help but look at the beautiful man in blue! Our eyes met and we held each other’s gaze for what seemed like an eternity. The rest of the Universe seemed to fade away around us, leaving just the two of us to continue to dive into each other’s deep blue pools. We held each other’s eyes and smiled, our faces beaming.

The teacher announced that was all for this class, and the spell was broken as I snapped back to reality. I gathered my things together, and turned to look for my beautiful man in blue. I watched him walk away toward the bathroom and figured that’s where he was headed. “Not a bad idea!” I thought to myself and headed in that direction as well. After I finished using the facilities, I came back out to see if I could catch a glimpse of him. I did not see him anywhere around so I headed back out into the celebration. Wondering if I would see My Sexy Pagan Lover again.

To be continued…

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