Oxygen and Pleasure

Handcuffed and naked on my bed.
Spread eagle and helpless.
You wait for your special reward.
Slow and tauntingly.
You feel my palms slide along palms up your sac.
Up your body stopping hands at your hips.
Teasing you with my touch.
You will never know what will come next.
Blindfolded you can only guess what will come.
Leaning closer to your eager flesh.
Ready to drive you wild.

With my hot moist breath.
Giving your rising mushroom head.
A shower of my warm saliva.
Fingernails grazing your thighs.
Moving taunting up your shaft then down.
Creating a pussy with my fists.
Gliding perfectly up and down so easily.
Every stroke down tightened.
And every stroke up loosened in unison rhythm.
Gaining speed with every couple of strokes.
Working to empty every drop building in your sac.
You feel the edge coming closer.
Suddenly the hands stop on the shaft.
Then a kiss on the tip.
Rolling my tongue over every inch of your head.
Swift pleasurable circles.
With both hands still clenching your erection.
Holding tight not moving up or down.
Opening up to take you in my mouth.
But just the head an no more.
Your balls start to tighten and your heart races.
And then the moment is cumming.
Cumming…cumming and then I stop.
Stop leaving you on the brink.
No touch, no breath, and no hands.
Minutes seem to last an eternity.
An hour maybe two passes without a touch.
The mattress shifts you feel hope again.
But I give you no words.
As you feel me suck your cock back in my mouth.
But something is different this time.
You feel my voluptuous ass brush over your face.
My soaked panties leave a trail on your face.
Inhale my strong scent.
And stick out your tongue out for a taste.
You pull and move trying to release your hands.
Planting my ass on your face burying you into the pillow.
Grinding and rubbing making your face my sex toy.
Suffocating you lifting my ass at the perfect time.
Giving you a moment to breathe.
Not a moment.
Just seconds at a time.
Before planting my ass back down again.
Getting light headed.
Closer and closer.
Almost out of oxygen.
This time my panties disappear.
Your mouth.
Your cheeks.
Your nose.
Your chin covered with my tasty juices.
Your tongue quickly finds its way.
Probing deep inside my pussy.
Your nose to my ass hole.
Struggling please and get oxygen.
I feel you fight and struggle when I whisper.
“What do you want more to cum, or breathe?”
You’re in a state of powerlessness.
You love this but you are aching for oxygen.
You want to take in as much as possible.
Struggling in my dripping pussy lips.
When suddenly.
I suck again on your cock and lift my ass.
Just in time too.
Taking in the air as your cock finally bursts.
Massive tremors fill your body.
Salty streams caught in my hungry waiting mouth.
While the rest land upon my tits.
I’ve always enjoyed the salty taste.
Excitement pulls me to the as well.
Planting my ass and trembling pussy back on your face.
Grinding north, south, east and west.
Grinding and humping your face.
Leaning forward breathing heavy my pussy dripping.
Leaving glistening leftovers of cum.
Upon your face.
It was so good you beg for more.
Planting my ass back on your face taking away your oxygen.

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