Now that the nicer weather is here, a friend and I have been going on a few day trips on the weekends and having fun seeing new things. Last weekend we wondered what was going to happen, because a few hours from home, our car got a flat. Neither if us knew how to change any tire and we didn’t have a ton of money, but we weren’t that far from a garage we’d passed a ways back, so we walked back there and asked if they could help us out. They sent out a tow truck and came back with the car and started to put a new tire on it.

The mechanic was really sexy, and we were both flirting with him shamelessly. It was getting a bit late and I really didn’t want to drive back home tonight, so we asked him if there were any decent motels in the area that weren’t too expensive. He grinned and he said there was no need to stay in a motel, we could stay with him for free if we went back to his house. We looked at each other and agreed, why not, adventure is what life’s all about!


We went back with him to his place a few blocks away and he had a nice little house, and he got us some beers and we sat down and things heated up pretty quickly. I wanted his dick in my mouth, I got down on my knees in front of him and started sucking it. My friend was on the sofa beside him kissing him and he was fingering her pussy. I could hear how wet she was from his fingers going all over her wet pussy lips. He laid back on the sofa and my friend got on his face and she was riding his tongue and I climbed onto that beautiful cock of his I’d been sucking, I bet he was nine inches for sure, I don’t think my cunt lips have been spread so far before. I loved how he filled me up.

As I rode him, I could see my friend’s clit being licked as he tickled it with his tongue. My throbbing clit was lubed up with my cunt juice and grinding against him as I rode and rocked back and forth on him. It wasn’t long until I came and he shot a huge load of his seed inside of me and my girlfriend came on his face seconds after and he licked up every drop of her cum. We rested and caught our breaths for a few minutes and had another beer before she and I switched places and she got to have that monster dick inside and I was licked clean of all of my cum and his. He said he loved licking his own cum out of a woman he’d fucked. My God, I need to get blown out tires more often, this was the best flat tire experience I’d ever had, bar none. I think we just might go back through his town again in the future, I could use another go round with the sex mechanic.

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