Our naughty three-way kept us all moaning in pleasure!


We are back in bed after an explosive doggy train in our naughty three-way in front of the large mirror. I answer the “what’s next” question by saying: “You should do her in that reverse cowgirl position where I lay back on your chest.” Lena is game and climbs on top of Teddy on the bed…

An evening with Lena, or as the French call it, a ménage a trois. So we have done this with Lena a few times in the past and it has always been loads of fun. We decided to have her come to our place, to avoid the stress of having to pack and go to a hotel. Home is a comfortable place to be. I spent the afternoon setting the mood, organizing the guest bedroom, getting the colored lights set up, and the mirrors in the right places for our naughty three-way.

So as I was getting the dildos, strap-ons, lube, and condoms out. So I was thinking about the right outfit to wear. I know Lena has the hots for me and did not want to disappoint. I tried a few things until I zeroed in on a tiny black dress. The no bra decision developed into a no undies decision. I wanted to go commando and felt the rush of adrenaline when thinking about doing so.

So the evening started spectacularly, with Teddy on the bed and both of us riding him. I loved feeling him in my beautiful hairy pussy. I came hard and so did Lena, who enjoyed his mastery of the art of licking the clit. We moved into a three-way doggy in front of the mirror that left me with my legs shaking.

I had just come really hard in that wild doggy position in our naughty three-way and felt like being a spectator for the next act.

So, I wanted to see Teddy doing Lena in one of his favorite positions and told him to do just that. Lena knew the starting point of reverse cowgirl, but then I needed to help her lower her back until she rested on his chest, while she moved her feet flat on the bed.

Now this looked so hot. I could see Teddy’s familiar movements, with one hand in between her boobs. The other moved down to play with her clit. I could see Lena close her eyes as I got closer and moved my hands to caress her firm boobs in our naughty three-way.

Finally, Teddy was already pumping inside of her, and his grip on her body was not letting go. She moved her hand down to show him how she wanted him to play with her clit. So I felt the need to kiss and lick her breasts and moved my hands towards her cunt where my man was 9 inches deep! Playing with her clit and fondling his balls and he smashed into her beautiful puss.

He was just about to cum and pulled out and sprayed all over her perfect bald snatch. I was quick to lick her all over making her squirm underneath me. I loved the taste of Teddy’s seed all over Lena’s sweet, sweet snatch!

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