Jack asked me to wear my sexiest panties to the store and think of him while I felt the fabric rub against my pussy and asshole. He told me to think of his mouth being the one to cause me such distraction. I had a way to kick it up a notch though. I am always one to step things up for the fun of it.

I put a bullet vibrator inside the pocket of my panties, I pushed it forward And made sure it sat right against my clit. Just like in the movie The Ugly Truth, but without the remote. I clicked it onto medium mode. I walked a little funny to the car and found out sitting was posing a problem, the little bullet had direct contact with my already sensitive pussy.

I drove 12 delicious miles to said store. Every stop light I grinded my pussy hard against the vibration. I was at a long light, so I took the liberty to email him what I was doing. Just as I clicked send, I grabbed onto the steering wheel and yelled out my pleasure! The people in the truck next to me just stared. I lifted my hips hoping the bullet would slid backwards…It didn’t!

I rode out two more orgasms before pulling into the parking lot. I decided to push the bullet into my pussy since you could hear something buzzing in my jeans. I walked as lady like as I could into the store. I had to stop now and then when it felt like I was going to just melt.

I leaned against my cart once in line and closed my eye’s. I whimpered as quietly as humanly possible. A friendly guy asked me if I was okay. I was so horny I would have fucked him had he asked.  Once I got home I ran into the house abandoning my bags. I got out my largest dildo and fucked it silly. I swear that is the best way to make a women shop fast!

Dare me to do something for you…I never say no!




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