So, we last left off with “tail” of ORGASMS. And now on to ORGASMS JOEY’S TAIL PART DEUX PURE PLEASURE!.  My first Orgasm was on the horizon…I just didn’t know it yet.  Uncle Arnau continued his “kiss” down from my neck as he pulled at my little white, cotton school blouse; his other hand, slipping beneath my plaid skirt and the tingles shot through me like a dart. His long, meaty fingers found my panties and started to slide them to the side…

“Shhhhhhh. It’s okay…Uncle Arnie loves you, Princess…” His warm breath and cologne still fill my head in memory.

I said not a word, but smiled innocently at him…He had all of my trust, love and affection…Little did I know right then…that’s ALL he ever wanted.  He let a small moan slip from his mouth as he found them wet and slick from my juices…I believe I may have moaned with him…It was intoxicating and I knew…forbidden.  We never spoke of our trysts. We both just knew.

My uncle’s cock grew under my little butt and I got wet all over again. French again? Probably. We French girls just…know. His fingers found the edge of my little baby-blue panties and slid beneath to that slick bare mound of pussy he wanted more than air.  His forehead pressed gently into mine where I thought our eyes would meet. Instead, he avoided my gaze. I wanted him to see the love there. But, he wouldn’t look.

He slid past my forehead so that his mouth and scruffy beginnings of a beard rubbed my hair away and he whispered…

“Please. Stop me.”

Instead, I cupped his weathered face and MADE him look at me. Tears welled in his eyes and began their decent. I stopped them with my 8 year old fingers, wiping them away and smiled into his eyes. I was the first to move forward. I lay my baby’s lips on his and was overwhelmed by the force of his tongue probing my mouth. Not so overwhelmed as to prevent still more wetness from flowing. I moved on instinct forcing his fingers deep inside my pussy. I let out a cry and wrapped my arms around his shoulders; burying my lips against the cry of pain…of pleasure.  I was suddenly grateful for Sophie’s early departure from the offices.

The first time I saw cum, was when Uncle Arnau splashed it all over my panties that day. It took him only as long as it took me to finish my desert Daddy had brought back from lunch.  He sat there, pants fully open and a GIANT DICK sitting out….it kind of looked asleep…at least for those few minutes. Giggle

Uncle Arnie showed me such delights that afternoon and I always knew going forward, that anytime Daddy wanted to go to court, I encouraged him to leave me in the loving hands of my sweet, sexy, Uncle Arnau…Of course, I always left out the “sexy” part. Haha

I’d LOVE to tell you all the times Uncle Arnau and I fucked in those offices; the offices from which he and Dad still run a wildly successful law firm.  How many orgasms I have shared with him…We still fuck and it’s still exciting.  Call me, let’s get wet and hard…TOGETHER!


Josette Marie


Such Guilt in Pleazurez