Orgasm torture is something I’ve only recently gotten into. I discovered I get off really hard watching that type of porn.

Orgasm torture is definitely one of my favorite fantasies to masturbate to. Lately, I’ve been really into the idea of my man forcing me to cum, over and over. Relentlessly driving me to the brink time and again.
In my fantasy, I’m restrained spread eagle on my bed and blindfolded. My wrists and my ankles tied to each corner of the bed frame with just the slightest amount of wiggle room. My lover takes out a powerful vibrator and begins to stroke my body with it.

Over my breasts, paying special attention to my juicy nipples. Trailing down my stomach and down my thighs, then back up to my wet, eager pussy. Without penetrating me or directly stopping on my clit, he just runs the vibrator up and down the seam of my pussy lips. It doesn’t take long for the first orgasm to hit me. Just that little bit of teasing is enough to push me over the edge.

He dips the vibrator inside my tight pussy hole and coats the head of the shaft with my juices. Bringing it up to my mouth, I can feel the head pressing against my closed lips. I snake my tongue out and lick and suck it. Moaning my pleasure and happiness around the thick, vibrating head.

I feel him take the vibrator out of my mouth and slide it back down my body again.

This time he stops right at my clit and presses the head of the shaft right against it. The sensation is intense and in no time at all, I came again. Even harder than last time. Instead of moving on the something else and letting my orgasm subside, he holds the vibrator against my clit and leaves it there.

I can feel two fingers begin to thrust in and out of my wet, tight hole. He had them curved up in a come-hither gesture that hit my G-spot in such a way I felt myself begin to get super wet. The faster he stroked my inner pleasure zone the more and more the pleasure built up and I came so hard again. Orgasm torture starts out this way: sexy and intense.

The more he fingered me and held the vibrator against my clit the more I came. Over and over until I was crying and begging him to stop. To give me a moment to catch my breath. My lover tells me he isn’t going to stop until I pass out from cumming so much.

Yum. What a hot fantasy, right? I’m going to masturbate to this scenario right now actually.

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