Orgasm…As a youngster in France, one of my favorite things to do was go to work with my Dad…His offices occupied the penthouse floor of a skyscraper in downtown Paris. I remember the scent of the dark wood, the fireplaces at either end of the open-concept lobby area. Even remembering makes things stir inside little Joey. The throbbing rush that filled my body and I am now remembering another smell…The smells of men’s cologne that filled the private offices. And that feeling, still today causes the first stirrings of an “O”. Hence , Orgasm.  My desire overtakes reason…shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone. Haha

The first, orgasm I ever had, was right there in those offices. Daddy is an attorney with suites on le Cour du Commerce-Saint-André; a scenic street in the heart of the city.  He’d take me for lunch at Le Bistro du Périgord for escargot, Magret de Canard (duck), and Cafe Gourmand. We’d finish with a sumptuous choux a la creme avec sauce au chocolat…my pussy moistens at the thought of those days.

So, back to Daddy’s offices we went after lunch and I remember the first day he let me stay at the offices when he left for court. He left me in the care of his partner and best friend, Arnau Belanger (Uncle Arnau). He and Dad are to this day, a legal force with which to be reckoned…in court and out. That day, Uncle Arnau had dismissed his assistant, Sophie, giving her the remainder of the day off.  She shot a backward glance at me that made my heart quicken. Though I knew not why. I suspect at this time, that she did. Hmmmm.

Arnau called me into his personal suite of offices, telling me he needed to keep a closer eye on me.  I was 8. I needed to be watched still. I sat on the floor of Arnau’s office and could feel the plush carpet tickling at the tops of my naked thighs and threatening my little bare pussy under my panties. He called my name…

“Josette Marie, come to uncle, Darling”

I rose and skipped toward him. I saw the light in his eyes as he watched the frills of my little skirt, drifting on the breeze caused by my skipping.

“Sit my child…”  I climbed into his warm lap as he bagan stroking my hair and pulling my head to his chest as he had so many times before.

I felt close to my uncle and would do anything he ever asked of me…I was a compliant child.

“I have always loved the smell of you, little one.”

And so, it started.  He stroked the back of my hair, telling me that ours, was a special relationship…He lowered his lips to my hair, kissing and sniffing in unison.

“(Snnnnnifffff) Dear, God, child! How the scent of you fills me…”

He started to gently kiss my neck, his fingers sliding through my hair and down my neck, holding me in place. I didn’t try to get away; I was lost in the feeling of ecstasy…Overtaken by orgasms.  I was 8! How did I know about ecstasy?  I’m FRENCH!  We are BORN knowing what ecstasy is. LOL  And I loved the feeling of his hot wet mouth as it sucked my throat. My panties moistened and the room began to spin…

To Be Continued….If you dare…

Your Little Joey


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