The best punishment is orgasm denial

I’m that orgasm denial bitch. The one who will edge you and tease you but then deny you. I’ll admit sometimes it’s just edging but for those cheating lovers I take it a step further. It does backfire because I find men get pleasure from my tease and denial. There was one man who didn’t get pleasure but I enjoyed punishing him. Aaron is a little cheating husband I caught him checking me out weeks ago but he stupidly tried to make his move anyways. Last week I caught him cheating on my best friend but I sat in shadows and watched. I didn’t want to let him I had caught him so I kept it a secret until last weekend. The three of us partied together over the weekend but Aaron got a little too drunk and grabbed my ass when his wife went to bed.

I had to play along and pretend I was interest but I just wanted revenge for what he was doing to my friend. His hand slid up my skirt and I grabbed his crotch while I flirted back. He shoved me on the couch groping and kissing me. For a little while I played it his way just letting him believe he had me fooled. I stripped all the way down to my bra and panties but that’s when the tables turned. It was the perfect time to teach this little bitch a lesson. I know all the right places to kiss to make a man tingle and I took advantage of it. With my crotch against his I dry humped him while dirty talking him. It didn’t take much to get him hard.

I made sure to tease his cock with the very tip of my tongue. He begged me to be his cock sucking whore but I didn’t. I made me watch me finger my pussy and then I let him taste my fingers. He really liked watching me masturbate. When I moved my panties to the side I teased his cock with my pussy but I only let his cock head go inside. My warm pussy teased him but I backed off. I continued to stroke his cock slowly then I sat back down on his cock but this time I went passed his tip. Slowly I inched him inside me and fucked him but when he was ready to cum I got off his dick and went home. Before leaving I told him payback was a bitch. Orgasm denial is a girls best friend.
Kinky Kelsey