So you think you have control of your orgasm? Not when you are playing with me. As most of my callers know, I have a devious side to go with my devious mind. This type of call is not for everyone.  So don’t get nervous, if you’re not into orgasm control, I won’t force you into that! Maybe.  <wicked lil grin>

Over the past few months, Eric and I experimented with orgasm control. For days, I would have him edge and peak endlessly. <wicked little laugh>  You in the mood for tease and denial?  I would call and instruct him to tease and edge himself for hours.  Often bringing him to the point of no return, counting down 5-4-3-2 <wicked laugh> CLICK – I would hang up the phone.  Some would call that being a “dick tease.” We called it foreplay.  He knew the routine – continue edging til I call back.  Need some edging? Sometimes I would call back an hour later, other times I wouldn’t call back at all.

One night, when I arrived home, Eric was dressed in a schoolboy uniform.  His choice of role-playing was appropriate for his afternoon lesson.  We started exploring involuntary orgasm control over the past few months.  I couldn’t help taking advantage of his submissive side.  He couldn’t help giving himself over to me. I made Eric undress, fold and place his clothes in a neat pile.  After placing him in restraints,  I attached my bullet vibrator to his cock. (most of my callers know about my egg-bullet obsession) He didn’t expect me to strap my remote control buddy to his cock.  Teasing him – switching it on, off, faster than slower.

I couldn’t help myself any longer.  Slowly I hiked up my skirt and straddle Eric’s face.  Rubbing my pussy and ass across his face endlessly for hours.  I pushed and pushed his tolerance – increasing the speed.  I couldn’t get enough of his tongue deep inside my snatch.  Alternating his tongue movement from my pussy to ass. I love ass worship. With each thrust, I gradually increased the speed of the vibrator on his cock.  I didn’t know whether to moan with pleasure or laugh with the excitement from torturing him. After numerous orgasms, I covered his face like a glazed doughnut. Finally, I wanted to push him and force him to explode.   I pushed him to the edge and didn’t hold back this time.  10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 increasing the speed 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 RELEASE  I forced him to cum. He exploded in endless streams of cum. Are you ready to experience a little tease & denial mixed with edging for the perfect combination of controlled orgasm?

What’s your KINK for the day? What’s your Fantasy? Doesn’t NEED to be extreme – I cater to all your taboo pleasures. Ready to experiment with ruined orgasm? forced orgasm?  Any form of orgasm control.  Now that I have your attention – give into your weakness and call me!!!

Once you have masturbation phone sex with me – masturbating alone will NEVER be the same!! Let’s get our own personal adventure started.  No limits – No restrictions – Anything goes uncensored that will totally mind explosive and leave you breathless!!

Kiss Kiss