I’m Craving Some Oral Sex Tonight!

I love oral sex. There’s something that getting on my knees and looking up at a man that drives me insane. But this isn’t what I want to share with you today, oh no! I love pleasing a man so I often forget to talk about how much I love a big firm tongue deep in my tight teen pussy. So here’s exactly how I like to be pleased, take some notes and next time, I’ll expect nothing less than an orgasm or two before you fuck me!

Tease Me.

I love playing that game. I want you to tease me. Help me out of my clothes and spread my legs. Kiss my inner thighs and lick them. I want to look down and see your eager face in between my legs. Start kissing up my thighs and when you each my pretty little panties, kiss them. I want to feel your hot breath right on my ripe cunt. Stick your tongue out and give me little licks over the thin cotton fabric that covers my pussy lips. I know I smell so sweet and you can’t wait to taste me.

Taste Me.

Those panties are getting in your way. Take them off and admire my pussy. I want you to want it. Tell me how much you want to taste me. Flatten your tongue and lick up and down my lips. That tiny little slit is exactly what you wanted tonight, isn’t it? I’ll put my hand on the back of your head and make you bury your face in my cunt. Shove your big tongue inside me. Go back and forth, suck on my clit too. Get me so close I am not the one begging for more.

Make Me Cum.

Don’t stop. Keeping going. I love feeling your tongue inside me. Feeling my inner walls and getting me so dripping wet you’re covered in my juices. Don’t stop! My moans are so loud they are drowning any other sound in the room. My pussy tightness as I scream how hard I am cumming for you.

Let’s have some hot phone sex and hear me cum. I know you want to!

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