This little slut can’t stop fantasizing about oral sex!

Most girls my age have boyfriends or at the very least have had oral sex  but unfortunately not me. I have never even been touched! Well, to be completely honest that isn’t true. I have been playing with myself for years but my little pussy is aching to be used. Just the thought of a sexy man between my thighs makes me tremble in desperation, and I could feel my panties getting wet imagining his breath on my clit…Laying in bed I couldn’t resist exploring myself and my hands easily made their way up my torso. I could practically feel his tongue teasing my thighs as I pulled on my hard nipples.

One hand slipped down and admired the dripping mess I was making but eagerly came back to suck them clean. I grabbed my pillow and straddled it as I fantasized about oral sex and started grinding slowly. I couldn’t keep myself quiet any longer before my room was filled with the sounds of my moans as I desperately thought about riding his tongue. The thought of my hands running through his hair and pulling that mouth into me was intoxicating.

Cumming hard and making messes.

My sheets were balled into my fists as I worked my cunt harder and faster nearing complete ecstasy. I came in a moment filled with moans and whimpers fueled by fantasy. I could almost feel his tongue darting deeper and deeper into me as I began to cum hard. When I stood up I could see the sweetest wet spot on the fabric and bit my lip as I imagined wiping my cum off his chin. I leaned back in bed and let my fingers tease my dripping slit. I couldn’t resist jumping with each touch as I tried to catch my breath but I didn’t dare stop. My night had only just begun but I planned on making the absolute most of it. 

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