Oral sex stories are derived from all the naughty thoughts we have leading up to the action itself.  So, when Kenny was in distress at home, I knew I needed to take matters into my own hands and help him out.   But, how to help a man handle things for himself when the wifey won’t do it for him?  Teach him to properly pleasure himself!

But, when I arrived in town, I found that things were worse than I ever imagined.  He’d NEVER gotten a Happy Ending from his own wife!  How can this be in 2017?  Additionally, he’d never even heard of a pocket pussy!  I had to take this slowly or I’d scare the shit out of him. LOL

Luckily, I brought him the man’s guide on How To Suck Your Own Cock.  To say nothing of the Pocket Pussy I’d packed in my carryon bag.  He showered and laid out on my hotel bed before I took the pocket pussy from my bag and got on the bed with him.

I started the stroking and within seconds his hand took over.  Moreover, he wasn’t nearly as shy about it as I’d thought he’d be.  So, when I started blowing him, he actually tried  to flip through the sucking cock guide.  I only brought it to show my technique.  I believe he got it instantly when I snaked the tip of my tongue up the back of his cock, then tickled the little hole with the tip of my tongue.

That weekend, Kenny learned eXXXactly how it should feel to get some GREAT TONGUE LOVIN’! And I left feeling like he’d be okay for a while.

Cum to me for the most incredible Stap On Phone Sex!  If ANYONE can show you the light…it’s ME!


Oral Sex Stories