Oral Sex Stories are always fun for me because I love sucking dick.

Oral Sex Stories can be especially fun when I have to be sneaky about it.

  It’s so exciting doing something naughty and nearly getting caught by a stranger, especially when it’s at work. Tom’s a total risk-taker and he knows I’m just as crazy as he is so he always lets me know when he wants to get up to no good. We’ve done all sorts of things, like fucking in a park during the day, me giving him a blowjob while driving and him fingering me on a bus. Yesterday we fucked when he was at work and I’ve never had such a rush.

 He’s the boss and has a bunch of people working for him which means people are coming in and out of his office all day. Tom’s usually the first one to arrive because he likes to set a good example so it was easy for him to sneak me in. He gave me strict orders not to leave his office until lunch, then I could sneak out and go home.

 For the entire morning, I was his and I was on edge with excitement.  While I could hear everyone outside working away I lifted up my skirt, showing him I wasn’t wearing panties. I bent over his desk and let him fuck me. It was so hot, he put his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet as he banged me into his desk. My thighs got bruised and I was dying for someone to knock on the door but they didn’t.

 We both came and I let his cum slide down my legs as he went back to work.

 I stood behind him, running my fingers through his hair as I let him get ready for round two and Oral Sex Stories. About halfway through the morning, I asked if he was ready for a break and he dropped his papers as I turned his chair around. He leaned back as I unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out.

 Slowly I stroked his cock to get him hard and told him I’d swallow every drop so his pants wouldn’t get stained. I kept stroking him as I licked around his head and gave it a couple of sucks. He moaned and thrust forward, wanting to go deeper.

 I swallowed half of him while my hand worked the rest of him and he felt so hard. He was throbbing like crazy and I slid my hand down so I could take in the rest of him. I gave him two long sucks and there was a knock on the door. We didn’t want to stop so I slid under the desk while he tried to calm down.

There was a second knock and Tom let out a breathy “Come in.” I tried not to laugh and went back to being a good little cocksucker.

Pressing my lips around him I went up and down as he tensed up. I could hear them talking and he was having such a hard time sounding normal.

 Going faster he tried to push me off with his knees but I wouldn’t let him. He coughed to cover up a moan and told them that he wasn’t feeling to well and they’d talk later. The door closed but I stayed where I was. I sucked him hard and fast until his dick swelled and he shot his load.

 Swallowing every drop like I promised I slid him out of my mouth. He sat there panting as I got up and looked at the clock. “One hour until lunch how do you want to spend it?” I asked and waited for him to catch his breath. Damn, I love public sex and Oral Sex Stories.

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