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Aaron was relaxing on his bed with his cock out and my mouth hungrily sucked and licked around the head. I was so turned on feeling him throb his precum into my wet mouth. My goal wasn’t to make him cum. I just wanted to show him how much I adored his cock.

My pussy was not just wet, it was soaked. The moans he made when his fingers pushed between my legs., feeling how wet I was just from sucking him off.

Aaron picked up my hips and sat me down on his face. His tongue worshiped my pussy while I worked his cock over. He was licking up all of my juices. After a whole day of doing cum eating phone sex or role-play phone sex, I have to admit I needed my own orgasm just as bad as he needed it.

Aaron’s cock plunged into my throat and stayed there a few moments before I gagged. His moaning triggered my pussy to spasm and cum. I couldn’t handle the sexual overload, my pussy climaxed several times on his mouth. Each time I came I sucked harder on his head.

His balls tightened I knew he was getting closer to cumming. I slowed down and teased around the rim. My attack on his cock went full force when I was ready to have his load spew onto my tongue. I knew he didn’t wanna cum in my mouth, he wanted to fuck me. Too bad though Aaron, I wanted to take you hot from your cock!

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