Oral Sex Stories: My boyfriend came back and I made him beg

Here’s another one of my hot oral sex stories.

My Boyfriend called me at two in the morning asking me to take him back. He kept apologizing for not appreciating me and swore he would do right by me if I gave him another chance. I listened to his sob story and laughed to myself as he begged and pleaded. His timing was pretty much spot on since I was horny at the moment.

I told him to come over and we could talk about things and maybe work it out. He didn’t waste any time at all. Within ten minutes he was ringing the doorbell. I did have time to change before he came. I took off my comfy pajamas and slipped into some sexy lingerie. He loved to see me in red, so of course, that’s what I wore. I even out on my red lipstick because I knew how much it turned him on.

I opened the door and looked at him as I could see right through him. He was confused, being that my facial expression and my attire weren’t sending the same message. It was all apart of my plan. He followed me upstairs and sat at the foot of my bed. I said nothing to him, I only gave him a look as if I was waiting for him to speak. He began with the apologizing and begging and pleading.

As he talked, I spread my legs, letting him have a peek at my pussy. Here’s where the oral sex stories get really interesting.

He looked at me surprised and leaned forward as if he was asking permission to eat my pussy. I leaned back grabbed his head, forcing his face between my legs. Of all the times we’d had sex, of all the times he ate my pussy, this time was different. It was as if he was giving me all he had. Almost as if he was making love to my pussy with his mouth. After I came on his tongue, his slid down and started licking my ass as he rubbed my clit with his finger, making me squirt all over his face.

He stood up and smiled at me as he started to unzip his pants. I smiled back and told him to follow me. Leading him downstairs, I looked back and saw him still smiling, full of excitement. When we reached the front door, I turned to him as I opened it. He looked confused. I told him thank you, have a good night. I could see the frustration, the anger, the confusion and all of it filled me with joy. Karma’s a bitch. It felt great to show him how he made me feel.

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