Oral Sex Stories – Oral Fixation Battle Royale

Oral Sex Stories. When I eat pussy, I do the things I like. I expect every woman does when they eat another’s snatch. Kissing her pussy lips, sucking on them, Kneading her inner thighs with my hands as I pay her precious sex the attention it so deeply desires.
I also like my clit sucked on gently. So I place my pursed lips over her pink button and softly suckle at it. Gently pull it between my lips while I let my tongue visit it over and over again.
Pair that, with placing a finger inside, and finger fucking her…mmmmm you can feel how much she likes it when I use my hot masturbation techniques with her.
I’m not scared to lap up all those juices, so I let my tongue take the place of my fingers, darting it in and out, and savoring every delicious drop.

So sweet. Literally, Oral sex stories are DELICIOUS!

Who doesn’t like eating pussy?
I’m not saying men don’t or can’t. I have been eaten very well, by men. I like the strength of a man, The way his arms wrap around my thighs while he feeds on me like I’m the only nourishment he has and he’s STARVING. The sucking, slurping, and hard tongue fucks are enough to drive me insane.
The soft and sensual-ness of a woman… Mmmmm, well that is hard to replace.
Women know what women want…
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Care to challenge me?
You think you could eat my pussy and make me cum so hard… call me and give it a try? All you have to do is tell me what you’d do to me, and I promise. I’ll play fair. Hell if you can make me cum in under 15 minutes, I’ll write a blog featuring “you” and the rundown of our call, and ADMIT I was wrong.
Take it further… You and I competing … 2 girl calls are always fun! If you haven’t experienced HOT ADULT CHAT with 2 Foxes, you are really missing out
I have a Bestie- RAVE- who has the best tasting pussy all around!
Let her decide, who does it best!
We are experienced FETISH Lovers
Oral Sex Stories really get you going.
But oral sex stories where you and I actually play the fantasy out on the phone will
Leave us in a puddle!

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