Oral sex. All guys love getting blowjobs right???

I have never met a guy that didn’t love to receive oral sex. Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. Besides pleasing all of you wonderful men I am also a hairdresser. Have any of you decided to get a shampoo when you get your haircut? If not, you should, trust me, it’s worth it. when I have a male client in my chair and wanting a shampoo I do my best to make sure that he is satisfied. As my fingers are massaging his scalp I am gradually leaning forward so my nice firm breasts are getting closer and closer to his face,

My eyes are focusing on his bulge in his pants to see if I notice his cock getting harder.

One night, in particular, I was running behind and it was after hours. Letting the receptionist leave I was thankful my last client was a regular so I was not afraid of being murdered with my own scissors. My client Andrew likes to get his shampoo after his cut so it rinses all the loose hair out of his hair. As I was doing my leaning forward like I usually do he mentioned that I could make more money for after-hours add-on services.

Without hesitation, I slid my way down onto my knees as my breasts caressed his face.

Taking my hands and placing them on his knees to push them apart I made my way in between his legs and unzipped his pants. He has already begun to moan just at the thought of me performing oral sex on him. My mouth went up and down as my tongue licked the head of his hard cock. Tasting his pre-cum I knew he was ready to explode his hot cum down my throat.

I did not stop until I had every drop of cum in my mouth and he was completely empty.

Having just satisfied a customer with the best shampoo he has ever received I know he will be back for the naughty shampoo special with the add on of the oral sex service. The shampoo chair is the best chair to give oral sex in. If you want to read about people having sex there are many stories on my blog page for that. I am also available for the phone sex experience of your dreams.

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