Oral Sex – I Love To Give My Boyfriend Head In The Movie Theater

As I’m sure you’ve read before, my boyfriend and I are very into PDA. We don’t really care if anyone sees. The other night he and I decided we had to go see a movie. It was a really busy Friday night at the theater so the lines were long as can be. After a while, he and I got impatient and started to have some fun while we waited. First, it was just flirtatious, and then things took a turn for amazing oral sex.

First I put my fingers down the front of his pants and pulled him closer to me. Next, he pulled me even closer and wrapped his arms around my chest, gripping my tits along the way. I love having role-play adult chat that involves this kind of sneaking around. Sooner than later he was full on grinding his cock up against my ass and I knew he was ready for even more as we got into the theater.

The best thing about movie theaters is how easy it is to give ORAL SEX…

Like I think you could get away with murder in a movie theater if you played your cards right. We got out popcorn and got seated. I looked over at my boyfriend as the previews started and he already had his hand in his pants. Jerking that big thick gigantic cock up and down for me as I watched him get harder and harder. I knew that as soon as the movie started, that was my queue to get on my knees in between his legs.

I have to say that this kind of public sex experiences is almost as amazing as having sex on the phone with me. So I immediately swallowed his giant cock and sucked that thing up and down. I knew he wasn’t going to be able to keep himself from moaning so I made sure to deep throat it during the louder parts. I can’t wait to do something like that again, maybe it can be with a naughty boy getting hard just reading this right now. Call me and find out more 😉

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