This was the first time I was giving oral sex, in a way.

It didn’t matter that I had lots of other sexual experiences this was a frontier that I had never crossed; a Latino Lover.  The man with the hard throbbing dick in my face was Hispanic. EeeHolay! I wanted to. Oral sex, to me, was the height of intimacy. With this man, I wanted to try all the things I had stopped myself from doing before. We were in his office in a high rise building. I was kneeling on the soft plush rug. My body was on fire. My pussy seemed to clench with arousal every time he took a breath. He was panting. My mouth seemed to water in anticipation. I hadn’t even started yet my body was screaming for release. If I had known oral sex was going to feel this good, I would have done it sooner. 

I reached up and unzipped his pants. My Mexican Cock Was about to become a hot tamale with my oral sex.

He wasn’t wearing any boxers. The hard length of his shaft filled up my palm. It jerked, spilling a hot bead of pre-cum. I wanted to lick it. My tongue darted out of my mouth and tasted it. He moaned. I moaned. I couldn’t hold back any longer as my mouth sank down the length of his cock. He growled above me. My nipples tightened. Another first for me, This man, Danny, was the first Mexican American I’ve had. And Danny was delicious.

I pushed my mouth deeper down his length taking his hot throbbing cock further into my throat. He growled, fisting his hands into my hair.

As I moaned, the vibrating sent shards of pleasure up the length of his cock. I pushed my face deeper, swirling my tongue around his swollen dick. I licked and sucked sharply, twisting around. My head bobbed. Breath whooshed out of my lungs as I choked on his cock. My body screamed for him to bend me over the table and fuck me. I pulled my lips back and swallowed his thick cock down my throat. It swelled. He groaned and forced the length deeper. The cock got bigger and bigger. Who says BBC is the best, I say Mexican polla is caliente!

“Maltido! Fucking take my cock. Ugh! Ugh! I’m cumming!” He growled as a warning. Not pulling back-back. I wanted it. I wanted to taste his hot creamy cum. He growled harshly. His cock became even bigger as he surged harder into my mouth. With a savage thrust, he came hard. Splashes of hot spicy ball cream filled my mouth and poured down my throat. He fucked my mouth harder and deeper, forcing his cum deeper and deeper into my throat. Until his cock began to soften.

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