Oral Sex Feast that Gets Every Part of Me Off

Tell me the truth.  Don’t you love it when your lover turns a blowjob into a true oral sex feast?  Of course, you do.  And, I absolutely love diving into a cock buffet.  Well, I’m here to tell you that the first time I slid my mouth down onto a cock, it felt more like a feast that was about to come back up.

After several more attempts, I realized that I needed to make a choice.  I could continue to plow through and “endure” it for your pleasure.  Or I could make a different choice by learning to love the feel of your cock in my mouth and give both of us more pleasure.  Everyone that has ever sucked a cock knows that feeling of a mixture of pain and panic as that hard flesh slides deep that first time.  And, being someone that loves a challenge, I decided to use that pain to find my way to pleasure.

Oral Sex Feast Can Be Your Next Call

So, I decided to start by breathing into that almost painful feeling of panic.  When I learned to breathe into the pain instead of resisting it, something magical happened.  As is often the case with pain, breathing into it can shift the energy.  And then, through the practice of breathing into the gag that inevitably happened, I found that I was getting a feeling of power and twinges of genuine pleasure.  Breathing into my own gag reflex became addictive.  And, then shockingly, as I started to take control of my gag reflex, something truly unique happened.

I could feel my pussy filling with my own juices and, then it happened.  I could feel the very beginning of an actual orgasm. And that is how a BDSM addict was born through the gate of an open mouth.  Or at least that is how I became one.  And, you could also say I then became an oral sex feast lover.

Are You Ready to be My Next Feast?

Of course, then it actually happened.   My mouth was stretched wide by his enormous cock rushing to the finish line.  Suddenly I had a few seconds of intense pleasure that brought me instantly to the edge of orgasm. The moment passed as he came into my mouth.  But it didn’t matter because I had a glimpse of what was possible in those few moments.  Oral sex feast lessons were definitely my go-to pleasure point from that moment on

Fast forward to the next time I was up close and personal with his hard cock.  My Touch became more deliberate.  Sliding my hand up and down that hard cock, I realized how much pleasure I was getting just from touching.  Touching him, I felt like an artist molding a beautiful piece of clay.  Which, then led to the sounds of pleasure.  And, then, of course, led me to genuinely making it my own personal oral sex feast.

Fetish Lover Sex that Will Leave You Begging

The rumble of his pleasure filled my body with joy.  And then his moans inspired my own moan, which then triggered a shudder to ripple through his body.  I found that when I moaned while sliding my tongue around the head of a hard cock my own body responded with a delightful tingle in my suddenly wet cunt.

Wrapping my hand around the base of his cock as I slid his cock deeper into the Smell of arousal filled my nose.  Looking up, I saw how close he was.  And realized that I was close too.  And then it hit me that all five of my senses kicked into overdrive.

Oral Sex Feast Lessons Became My Favorite

The Touch of his cock as I stroked it gave me pleasure.

The Sound of his moans gave voice to my own moan and gave me pleasure.

The Sight of that cock sliding deep into my now eager mouth gave me pleasure.

The Smell of our combined arousal gave me pleasure.

And finally, the taste of his cum filling my throat gave me pleasure.  Of course, the oral sex feast became a true feast that engaged every one of my senses.

The combination of all five senses being in pleasure mode gave me the most mind-blowing orgasm.  And that orgasm led to the next, which led to the next and the next…

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Lay Back and Listen