Oral Sex Expert

Oral Sex is one of my favorite things to engage in. I mean, when someone knows how to really lick and eat my pussy the right way there’s no telling how I will respond. I’ve had sex with both men and women and I usually prefer it when a woman licks my pussy. I suppose because since another woman would understand how sensitive my clitoris is and take her time to lick it right and make me cum. Well, I met a guy who sucked my pussy like an artist paints a masterpiece.

Like a surgeon performs a difficult surgery. Like a gardener tending to their crop. I mean, this guy who was barely thirty years old made my pussy squirt with his tongue and sweet full-bodied lips. He used his tongue lightly running it up and down my clit. It tickled. It made me bounce my pelvis and spread my legs wider. He delved his face in deeper. After all, he was an Oral Sex expert. He had to go deeper.

His long wet sticky tongue slid up and down the length of my clit all the way back to the rim of my ass and back.

He found a spot on my clit that I didn’t know existed and sucked on it with a light suction with his lips and his tongue. My whole body shook and I squirted out the warmest, stickiest, smelliest cum I’ve ever spewed. I came so damn hard that day. After he left I made sure his number was on my speed dial.


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