When I was first introduced to oral sex, I never thought it would be with my best friend.

Susie and I were best friends since we were little kids. We loved spending every waking moment together and getting to know each other on every level. I knew her birthday, her favorite color, and her favorite thing to eat. Little did I know her favorite thing to eat would soon become my sweet little pussy. Our fetish for oral sex and adult chat began young, and it began with each other.

One afternoon while our parents were out on the weekend, she and I decided to drink some of my dad’s beer and dance to music in the living room. When a slow song came on we started embracing and for the first time Susie kissed me and it was so innocent but erotic, that I shoved my tongue down her throat. She almost immediately had her fingers sliding down my clit.

Not before long, our clothes had completely come off, and we were grinding up against each other on the floor

That’s when she went down on me. Her tongue rubbed hard up against my clit and I was ready to explode almost immediately, I had never felt a feeling like this before and from that point on we were both addicted. She and I never came out to anyone about the fact that we would secretly teach each other how to give amazing head.

When we got older we went our separate ways and got boyfriends to show us what it felt like to take a cock and both of our sexual addictions changed. Although none of them would be able to give me as hardcore of an orgasm again like Susie did, not unless I was having oral sex while having sex on the phone.

You could say I started off a little bi-curious and have now turned into a full-fledged freak. Read about my naughty camping trip here

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