Oral Dick Sucking is my specialty lover.

Baby you know how much I love to be in the spotlight Oral Dick Sucking. One of the best places for me to shine is during my Oral Fetish Phone Sex. The moment your cock begins to pulse inside of my hot wet mouth, I know I’m close to my big reward. Your cum is just about to fill my pretty face full of sticky, yummy, creamy cum giving me a delicious way to make your toes curl as I show you the deposit you left inside of me. Swirling my tongue around my full mouth, almost gargling cum for you before swallowing your load. But before I drink every drop I have to earn it.

When gripping your thick dick I hold you firmly with just the right amount of pressure applied. Then I take your cock and rub that fat swollen mushroom cap all over my soft lips. Keep your eyes on me the entire time. I don’t want you to miss one lick or my ass rising up in the air. Oral Dick Sucking is an art form, and I want to be the very best you’ve ever had. So I take all the time I need to build anticipation. Your cock growing so hard you could pop. The sounds of your breath and moans fill my head and the wetness from my pink pussy begins to drip.

My lips part and I take your raging hard on into my mouth.

You feel so good pushing back and filling my throat. Oh baby, I love your dick so much. Keep feeding me more and more until I suck the cum right out of the tip of your cock. I’m only capable of giving you all the love and affection you deserve. I was born to be a lover, and with that comes all the pleasure of feeling like a God in my mouth while you fuck my sweet adoring face. Cheap Phone Sex isn’t an option for a girl like me. I only have interest in giving all I have. Every time you call me I will be all yours, and striving to be your favorite girl.

Wrapping my wet lips around your head makes Oral Dick Sucking fun. Pleasure or lust under describe the rush I get from making you cum from a blow job. It’s the thrill of knowing just how good I am at something I love so much that really does it for me. Pleasuring you to the toe curling point is up there too of course. A good tease wants to stretch her naughty show out till your begging. That has never been hard for me. The thing I find the most hard is your cock pushed into my throat, and that’s just what I want.

Teasing and pleasing you is led by my big green eyes looking deep into yours.

The curling smile in the corner of my mouth makes it obvious how much I’m enjoying this blow job too. Licking the full length of your shaft with my tongue is my vacation. Grab the thick brown hair on my head and put me to work baby. The nastier I get the harder your dick becomes. Your breath gets heavy and I feel you thrust into my mouth.

My mind races and I want you to stand over me.

Now I will have you looking down into my Sensual Seduction eyes with my mouth wide open. I am ready to take the load I have worked so long and hard for. Reaching up I take a tight hold of your big fat dick and stroke it. I want that cum down my throat, and all over my chin. Make a mess for me baby.

Walking through the door after a long hard day at work, you find me waiting. Showing you how much Cum Eating I can do is what I want most. Hungry for you all day I position myself naked except a tiny little black thong. Needing to make sure you have something to tear off my body, it’s the perfect choice.

When I Perform hot Oral Sex it motivates my mouth to work extra hard. Smiling at you with nasty ideas racing through my head I lower myself to the floor. Sitting on my knees I lick my lips and tell you to feed me. Un-zipping your dirty work pants and pulling that thick dick out for me to feast on, you approach. Running your fingers through my hair you pull me onto your cock from the back of my head.

Filling my Oral Dick Sucking face to an overflow my throat constricts around you.

Gripping you softly as I gag while keeping that sexy eye contact we both love. Realizing that cock sucking is what I love to describe while having Fetish Phone Sex. Having a fetish means it’s something you can’t live without, and I could never live without having your cock slide in and out of my face.

Stroking and tugging this hard-working cock I start sucking your heavy balls. Growing tighter by the second I can tell my prize is getting closer to bursting into my mouth. Curling my tongue around your head, I open up wide and jerk you off waiting for my meal.